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05.Reward For The Devotion To True Divine

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REWARD FOR the devotion to true DIVINE

Ture Divine.JPG

Once upon a time a frog took a petal of lotus in its mouth; with great pleasure it started its journey for the darshan of Lord Mahavir. In the way it was trodden under the foot of the elephant of King Shrenik.

It died with holy thought and was born in heaven as deity. From there he at once came down for worship in the Samosharan of Lord Mahavir Swami. Seeing the mark of frog in his crown, King Shrenik asked about him from Gautam Gandhar. All the persons were very much pleased to know the importance and reward for having the thoughts of Devdarshan.

Look children! Even the thought to have the darshan of Jinendra Dev gives you a lot of Punya. Never go to a temple or a Spiritual Teacher with empty hands. You should carry with you rice, nuts, almonds or fruits and place them in front of them on altar while doing darshan.