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17. Kunthunath Swami

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Lord Kunthunath - Brief Introduction


17. Kunthunath Swami
Venerated in Jainism
Predecessor Bhagwan Shantinath
Successor Bhagwan Arahnath
Symbol Goat[1]
Height 35 bows (105 metres)
Age over 100,000 years
Complexion Golden
Personal Information
Born Vaishakh Shukla 1
Moksha Vaishakh Shukla 1
  • Soorseh (father)
  • Shrikanta (mother)
Birthplace Hastinapur (U.P.)
Father King Soorseh
Mother Queen Shrikanta
Caste (Varna) Kshatriya
Dynasty Kuru
Body Colour Golden
Symbol He Goat
Age 95 Thousand Years
Body Occupancy 140 Hands
Incarnation (in womb) Shravan Krishna 10
Birth Vaishakh Shukla 1
Initiation Vaishakh Shukla 1
Initiation Omniscience Forest & Tree-Sahetuk Forest & Tilak Tree
First Food Given by Dharmamitra of Hastinapur (Kheer)
Omniscience Chaitra Shukla 3
Salvation Vaishakh Shukla 1
Salvation Place Sammedshikhar Mountain
Chief Disciples (Gandhars) 35 (Shri Svayambhu etc.)
Saints (Munis) 60 Thousand
Chief Aryika (Ganini) Aryika Bhavita
Female saints (Aryikas) 60 Thousand 3 Hundred 50
Male Votaries 2 Lacs
Female Votaries 3 Lacs
Male Demigod Gandharva Dev
Female Demigod Jaya Devi

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