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Traditional Chinese medicine in China first entered the Olympic medical safety program, subject to a quantity of officials and athletes welcome days, the athletes have been also usually prolonged queues at the Olympic Village in Beijing, Chinese conventional medicine experience competing situations. At existing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Qingdao, Tianjin, Olympic co-host city of the Chinese medication program has also been completely place into the operate of the Olympic medical protection, stands prepared to supply effective, professional high quality of this services.

Shanghai, Qingdao, Shenyang, Tianjin and other spots in the pharmaceutical method in accordance with the Ministry of Overall health and State Administration of Classic work on the unified program of the Olympic Video games, established a complete wellness insurance system of work organization and leadership to kind a medical relief group of specialists created emergency prepare, and continuously increase the response to public well being emergencies and the potential of health care treatment method, Chinese medical institutions and medical institutions in the volunteer service is also actively concerned in the Olympic Games.

Excellent health care solutions for the Olympic Games, from the stadium closer to Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine, Longhua Hospital affiliated to a series of measures to continuously improve the public overall health emergency disposal strategy, set up mainly by orthopedic physicians outside of the hospital consisting of two help emergency teams, active emergency drills, always prepared for the sick and wounded. Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was set up by the 15-member Olympic safety teams use of research time weekly company Olympics Official series on well being care personnel training the hospital Xianyou directory containing stimulants of medication published in the health-related station, and labeling of these medication, 'athletes with caution' brand opened the Olympic safety 'green channel.'

In the play features and advantages of Chinese medicine, the Shanghai University of Conventional Chinese Medicine, Longhua Hospital, orthopedic subsidiary has its personal 'magic.' In the race for the soft tissue damage prone, they use 'Shih Traumatology' of therapies, the damage early, middle and late stage patients have been offered external application of self-produced 'Xiaoyu cream' and 'three colour paste,' 'warm the cream ', can perform a great role in selling blood circulation ache. At the same time in different stages, together with the numerous traditional Chinese medication to advertise the rehabilitation of the entire body. Deputy Director of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Longhua Hospital, Dr Mo specified, these plaster contained Chinese medicines, has no impact on the doping ranges, athletes can securely use.

Qingdao Hai Ci Health-related Group is the only one particular in Qingdao in Chinese medication, Integrative Medicine featuring the top 3 hospitals, to carry Olympic sailing competitors in the health care therapy of the back-up duties. Technological innovation Group chosen a excellent, good spoken English with the title of senior doctor presence massage Sailing Events, characteristics of the competition and athletes to build sudden and typical injury rehabilitation massage the program specification Group specializes in manufacturing of the panels, promotional supplies, Olympic Sailing Center and other places in the show of the Standard Chinese Medication Standard Chinese culture and group characteristics. Chinese medicine experts group organized to create a sudden illness Sailing common characteristic of Chinese medicine remedy manuals, to advertise much more than 30 clinical departments organized many emergency drills to improve response to Olympic sailing capability of public well being emergencies. Meanwhile, the group sent volunteers Chinese medicine companies in the 10 Olympic sailing competition site to tell the public, understanding, paid summer well being care, Herbal teas and other promotional content material pages more than two,000 copies.

For the convergence of Shenyang to visitors from all around the planet of Classic Chinese Medication wellness care, University Hospital of Conventional Chinese Medication Key bone during the event, acupuncture, massage, qigong, rehabilitation specialist functions, and timely health care to be called 'green therapy 'cupping, acupuncture, Gua Sha, massage, acupressure and Chinese medication formulations this kind of as the use of them. Classic Chinese Medication, 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Conventional Chinese Medication tactics and give complete perform to benefits, continue to carry forward Chinese splints, external application of Chinese medicine and Chinese medication formulations, oral administration this kind of as the optimistic part of Chinese medication treatment, the use of easy and effective treatment traits of Chinese medication, utilizing acupuncture, cupping, Chinese massage and Chinese medication remedy strategies, mixed with unique Chinese medication hospital treatment, formulated the 'Ten Chinese traits,' Journal for the Olympics and to the wellness of foreign populations escort.

Beijing Olympic Media Centre in the massage space, daily information from inside and outside this experience Chinese massage. Massage room had from July eight operation, a complete of eight service personnel are Beijing University of Chinese Medicine or Classic Chinese Academy of Conventional Chinese graduate students. According to 1 of the masseurs introduction of Chinese medication common with everyone stop snoring remedies welcome, there are four or 5 hundred journalists here a massage service. 'Many folks in cervical spondylosis, lumbar, shoulder and other conditions following the massage was clear relief.'

Olympic Village to open the 'clinic', four from Beijing University of Chinese Medication skilled healthcare visits at the Beijing Massage Hospital has also sent four skillful masseur service for nationwide athletes. Some foreign athletes and coaches to come here for acupuncture and massage treatment, the efficacy of the amazing praise once more and again, and said it would introduce much more Chinese individuals to try out.