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Banedia Ji

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Banedia Ji

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Shri Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra, Banediaji, Tehsil Depal-Pur, Dist. Indore (M.P.) Pin. 453115 Phone 07322-220231

Shri Banediaji Atishaya Kshetra is about eight hundred years old. It is situated on the bank of a huge pond. One end of the pond touches Depal Pur. It is thought that in the past there would have been a big town stretching from Depal Pur to Banedia. According to a myth, this temple was being transported somewhere through aerial route by an ascetic Muniraj, however due to some reason he had to land this temple here and thus it remained here forever. This temple is called the one which has reached here flying. To support the popular myth about this temple, is the fact that there is no foundation of this temple and still it has been standing here for hundreds of years and had withstood many natural calamities. This is the only Atishaya Kshetra where the temple is without foundation in India. Atishaya — The principal idol (Mool-Nayak pratima) is of 2nd Teerthankar Bhagvan Ajit Nath. There are so many popular stories about the miracles related to this idol. Not only jains but thousands of people from different religions come here to offer their prayers for fulfillment of their desires. On the occasion of annual fair thousands of men & women assemble here showing great religious fervor and devotion.

This huge temple has been built within a rampart which might have been built later. Main temple is round in shape and principle deity Bhagvan Ajit Nath’s idol in sitting posture, height 3’8” is installed here. This idol was established in V S 1548. There are other several idols here, these include Bhagvan AdiNath 3’3” high, AjitNath 2’11”, Chandra Prabhu 2’5”, Adinath 2’8”, and Ajitnath 2’8” high, all in sitting posture and are made of white marble. To the left of main alter, alter of Bhagvan ParshvNath and to the right are the alter of Bhagvan ShantiNath. There are other idols also present on these two alters. The alter in chawk (yard) contains Bhagvan AdiNath’s idol. On a raised platform there is an idol of Bhagvan Parshv Nath in a GandhKuti, this is also called the second temple. The pinnacle above this temple is extremely artistic and eye catching.

Indore 45 K.M. Depal Pur 4 K.M.