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22. Neminath Swami

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Lord Neminath - Brief Introduction

22. Neminath Swami
Other names Arishtanemi
Venerated in Jainism
Predecessor Bhagwan Naminath
Successor Bhagwan Parshvanath
Symbol Shankha (conch)
Height 10 bows (98 feet)[1]
Age 1000 years
Complexion Blue Like Supphire
Personal Information
Born Shravan Shukla 6
Shauripur Bateshvar (U.P.)
Moksha Asharh Shukla 7
Mount Girnar
Birthplace Shauripur Bateshvar (U.P.)
Father King Samudravijay
Mother Queen Shivadevi
Caste (Varna) Kshatriya
Dynasty Hari
Body Colour Blue Like Supphire
Symbol Conch Shell
Age 1 Thousand Years
Body Occupancy 40 Hands
Incarnation (in womb) Kartik Shukla 6
Birth Shravan Shukla 6
Initiation Shravan Shukla 6
Initiation Omniscience Forest & Tree-Sahasramra Forest & Bamboo Tree
First Food Given By King Vardatta Of Dvaravati (Kheer)
Omniscience Ashvin Shukla 1
Salvation Asharh Shukla 7
Salvation Place Girnar Mountain
Chief Disciples (Gandhars) 11 (Shri Vardatta etc.)
Saints (Munis) 18 Thousand
Chief Aryika (Ganini) Aryika Rajulmati
Female saints (Aryikas) 40 Thousand
Male Votaries 1 Lacs
Female Votaries 3 Lacs
Male Demigod Sarvanha Dev
Female Demigod Kushmandi Devi

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