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05. Sumatinath Swami

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Lord Sumatinath - Brief Introduction

05. Sumatinath Swami
Venerated in Jainism
Predecessor Bhagwan Abhinandannath
Successor Bhagwan Padmaprabh
Symbol Goose
Height 300 bows (900 meters)
Age 4,000,000 purva (282.24 Quintillion Years Old)
Tree Priyangu
Complexion Golden
Personal Information
Born Chaitra Shukla 11
Moksha Chaitra Shukla 11
  • Megharatha (father)
  • Sumangala (mother)
Birthplace Ayodhya (U.P.)
Father King Meghrath
Mother Queen Sumangala Devi
Caste (Varna) Kshatriya
Dynasty Ikshvaku
Body Colour Golden
Symbol Sheldrake
Age 40 Lacs Purva Years
Body Occupancy 12 Hundred Hands
Incarnation (in womb) Shravan Shukla 2
Birth Chaitra Shukla 11
Initiation Vaishakh Shukla 9
Initiation Omniscience Forest & Tree-Sahetuk Forest & Priyangu Tree
First Food Given by King Padma of Saumnas Nagar (Kheer)
Omniscience Chaitra Shukla 11
Salvation Chaitra Shukla 11
Salvation Place Sammedshikhar Mountain
Chief Disciples (Gandhars) 116 (Shri Amar etc.)
Saints (Munis) 3 Lacs 20 thousand
Chief Aryika (Ganini) Aryika Anantmati
Female saints (Aryikas) 3 Lac 30 Thousand
Male Votaries 3 Lacs
Female Votaries 5 Lacs
Male Demigod Tumburu Dev
Female Demigod Purushdatta Devi