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Bhajan (Happy Diamond Jubilee to)

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Happy Diamond Jubilee to

Written by- Ariyak Chandnamati

DSC 0033.jpg

Music- Mai Chandan Ban Kar......

Happy Diamond Jubilee to,

Ganini Gyanmati Mata.

Happy birth aniversery to,

Ganini Gyanmati Mata.........Happy.....

You have taken the birth in,

nineteen thirty four.

Happy your birthplace to,

Ganini Gyanmati Mata.1.

That day is known Sharadpoornima,

Comes in October month.

Happy Sharad Poornima to,

Ganini Gyanmati Mata.2.

You have taken Celibacy,

at Sharadpoornima also.

Happy that golden day to,

Ganini Gyanmati Mata.3.

Your seventy fifth birth day,

has come at Sharadpoornima.

So many happy greetings

to Gyanmati Mata.4.

'Chandnamati' says to God,

Your birth century come also.

We celebrate that century,

Ganini Gyanmati Mata.5.