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It’s hard to imagine a place around the world where one cannot find bridges - big or small. They symbolize cities and sometimes even countries. It’s unbelievable to see their constrictions and design so different, beautiful and inspiring. Making a list is really challenging, may be not that objective, but let’s discover some of the really amazing bridges from different countries that will amaze you when visiting them.

Magdeburg Water Bridge, Germany

The list opens a very special one - The Magdeburg Water Bridge in Germany. Opened in October 2003 it connects the Elbe-Havel Canal to the Mittellandkanal, crossing over the Elbe River. At 918 meters, it’s the longest navigable aqueduct in the world. It took over a century to build this bridge, but it is surely worth it. Now it’s one of the biggest reasons tourists visit Germany.

Chengyang Bridge, China

This bridge was built in 1916 by the Dong people, an ethnic minority in China. One can found this bridge in the Guangxi Province of China spanning the Linxi River. If you have heard another name for this bridge you are not mistaken it has a nickname “Wind and Rain Bridge”. It may sound really strange and unbelievable, but during the construction of the bridge, no nail was used, it was built by some architectural tricks that make it really unique. Rolling Bridge, England

Another very original and unique bridge is found in London by Thomas Heatherwick. The originality of the bridge consists in its octagonal shape. So, every Friday, octagonal shape rolls out to reveal itself as a bridge. Just remaining a few hours as a bridge, it again regains its shape at the end of the day becoming octagonal and only next Friday opens up as a bridge again.

The Bridge of Peace, Tbilisi

In the capital city of Georgia -Tbilisi, you can find a bow-shaped pedestrian bridge which was officially opened on May 6, 2010. Though being very young, it has become a remarkable symbol of Tbilisi. Being situated over the Kura River, the view from the Bridge of Peace is really amazing, it truly gives feelings of peace and freedom. The views comprise some of the well-known spots of Tbilisi; Metekhi Church, Narikala Fortress, Baratashvili Bridge, Presidential Office etc.

The list may be endless, as bridges from around the world are uncountable and finding within them original and beautiful ones is not a big challenge. So, this fundamental way from point A to B may be become a great topic to explore on and on.