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In other words, his cheating often doesn't mean that you were a bad wife or girlfriend. Really Accept That His Cheating Wasn't Your Fault And You Have No Obligation To Carry This Around With You: Many women really do intellectually know that a man's cheating often has very little to do with the woman he was cheating on. " In the following article, I'll offer some tips and insights on coping after he cheats or has an affair. " Or "what things will make it easier to cope with this sort of betrayal?

Women often ask me things like "how do you cope after he cheats on you? So make sure you give yourself that same sort of commitment. You wouldn't let your best friend move on with a stiff upper lip but with no real resolution. You have to be your best friend right now. You have to treat yourself as well as you would treat your best friend. 1882 Nathan Adrian (USA) won two gold medals (100m freestyle, 4x100m medley relay) and one silver (4x100m freestyle relay).

1881 Sun Yang (CHN) won two gold medals (400m freestyle, 1,500m freestyle) and two bronzes (200m freestyle, 4x200m freestyle relay). 1880 Ryan Lochte (USA) won two gold medals (400m individual medley, 4x200m freestyle relay), two silvers (200m individual medley, 4x100m freestyle relay) and one bronze (200m backstroke). 1787 Pete Reed won one gold medal (rowing: men's four). 1788 Joanna Roswell won one gold medal (women's team pursuit). 1785 Ben Maher won one gold medal (equestrian: team jumping).

1786 Ed McKeever won one gold medal (canoe sprint: men's kayak single 200m). 1789 Greg Rutherford won one gold medal (men's long jump). 1784 Dani King won one gold medal (women's team pursuit). It will usually become apparent what's helping and what's not. Discard What Isn't Working For You. And sometimes, you'll find that well meaning friends are bringing you down with their opinions and their judgments. Embrace What Is: You have to carefully edit what you allow into your life right now.

Because if you don't, you run the real risk of having this continue to follow you around. It can really help to make a very conscious decision that you have no intention of allowing this to change your world view or the way that you feel about yourself. His cheating should not become a life time problem for you. And yet, many women are affected by this for years after the event. This can affect your other relationships and faith in countless people that have nothing to do with the original person who cheated.

However, when cheating happens to them personally, they'll often try to shrug it off, rush themselves, or insist that they'll be OK when they doubt this is true.

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