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Shri Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Choubeesee Bara Mandir, Chanderi Chanderi, District – Guna (M.P.) Pin – 473446

Chanderi is a place famous for its handicrafts, natural and sceneric beauty and pilgrims. In earlier times, it was a part of Gwalior State. Here Choubeesee Bara Mandir is very artistic and unique example of architecture. The front portion of this temple is called Bara Mandir & rear part is called Choubeesee Mandir. Bara Mandir is older than the Choubeesee Mandir. In Bara Mandir, there is an inscription on a pillar written in V.S. 1350. So many beautiful idols of 13th to 18th century are installed on 12 shrines of this temple.

The Choubeesee Mandir is built in rear portion of the old Bara Mandir. This has 24 temples with beautiful spires having installed the 24 idols of 24 Teerthankars. These idols are made by using the same colours of stones as the Teerthankar’s own colour was. In this temple, idols of Lord Chandraprabhu & Pushpdant are white, Padmaprabhu & Vasupoojya are reddish, Suparsvanath & Parsvanath are green in colors. Lord Munisuvrit & Neminath are in black colors and remaining 16 idols are in golden or yellowish. All idols are same in dimensions, which is very difficult in real. These idols were installed in V.S. 1893 in the headship of Bhattaraka Shri Harichand of Sonagiri.

Nearby cities: Khandargiri 1 km Thuvonji 22 km Saironji 27 km Golakota Pachrai 50 km Devgarh 64 km