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Characteristics of Senses

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Sense Organs.JPG

A worldly being is recognized by the senses he/she has. There are five kinds of sense organs (Indriyas) :
1. Body (Sparshan) 2. Tongue (Rasna) 3. Nose (Ghran) 4. Eyes (Chakshu) and 5. Ears (Karna).
By touching which, qualities like light, heavy , cold, hot etc. are known is called Body (Sparshan Indriya)
Tongue (Rasna Indriya) has the quality of taste like sweet or sour.
Nose (Ghran Indriya) has the quality of smelling like good or bad
Eyes (Chakshu Indriya) have the quality of seeing like black, yellow, blue, red, white colour etc.
Ears (Karna Indriya) have the quality of hearing the sound of human, animals, birds & music etc.