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There are still people in this world smoking. It seems that a new generation of smokers is here ready to replace the older generation which is dying off from cardiovascular and pulmonary disease. Currently, 20.6% of the US population smoke, as of 2009 according to the Centers for Disease Control. This is important information as it helps us understand what challenges lay before us. Statistics, demographics and other factors related to tobacco use are vital as we move to develop a comprehensive tobacco control policy.

Once I realized what I needed to do to quit smoking, I was able to quit smoking easily and for good! I shared my quitting smoking plan with my friends and family because I wanted them to quit smoking too. The individual's that wanted to quit smoking.....DID! They were successful with my methods and now I offer this method to you so you can quit smoking.

What these results show us is that the companies manufacturing the Organic E Juice have been creating horrible products. These products are also often marketed to the youth of our society. It appears that whomever makes these products has actually been ignoring the health of consumers and worsening their addictions in the process. They end up wasting even more money on a product that claims will help them stop spending money on their addiction. I have to say that this is amazing to think of.

E-Cig stands for the electronic cigarette which is very safe for the human health. The electronic cigarette is the invention of the modern era and its becoming popular day by day among the smokers. The other cigarette is very dangerous for health because it contains many health destroying ingredients like tobacco and other deadly chemicals. The electronic cigarette contains a harmless e liquid in it which can give the great taste to the smokers.

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