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How To Learn Reiki

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How To Learn Reiki


Reiki, loosely translated, means Universal Life Force Energy

There are many names for this energy, you may have heard many of them, including chi, prana and mana, among others.

In a Reiki healing session, energy is channeled to the practitioner through the top of the head, or crown then circulates through the body and out his or her hands and into the client.  In reality, the “healer” is actually just a channel for healing energy.  The client may experience feelings of heat, cold, vibration or tingling from the hands of the practitioner. 

A Reiki treatment is usually done on a massage table, but may also be done seated in a chair or wherever the circumstances dictate.  A Reiki treatment is generally performed fully clothed and often includes touching, but touching actually isn’t necessary.  

The thing that separates Reiki from other energy healing techniques is that the gift of healing is passed from Master (or teacher) to the student using sacred symbols to open the flow of energy. 

This opening, or “attunement” is similar to turning on a light switch.  Channeling energy is a very natural thing to do, and we are all born with this gift, only these skills are not reinforced in most homes during childhood, so we “forget” how to do it.  Once we receive the attunement and are taught some basic hand positions and general information, we are ready to begin healing ourselves and others.