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Indian culture

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-Pragyashramni Aryika Chandnamati

Every nation has its own culture. All of you have come to India from western countries for Jain studies and to know about its culture. In this period of your stay on Indian land, you will certainly feel Indian virtues. I want to tell you some points about this virtuous Indian Culture-

1. Spirituality is the main symbol of India, because many Teerthankar Lords and Sadhu-Sadhvis have lived here and also attained liberation from here. It is said in Jain Ramayana that many saints do tapasya here and the King of this country gets sixth part Punya of their tapasya or holy activities.

2. Non violence is the main principle of Indian culture. Mahatma Gandhi was also very impressed by this and he had accepted non violence principle on the priority basis in the period of Independence war of India. I inspire you today that you should never take the eggs, meat, fish and any non-vegetarian item, because you will certainly accept one of the major aspects of Jain religion by this tour.

3. Indian children are always inspired to respect their parents and teachers or religious Gurus.

4. The Human beings of India believe in family life because marriage system is the main culture of India. What happens here that the boy and the girl are bound by the bondage of marriage, they live together for whole of their life with full lyoality to each other. This is the basis of family life of India. The relation of marriage is supposed to be a sacred bondage, which is performed socially between all relatives and others.

5. Here, the guests are treated very well.

6. You must have seen & will see a lot of temples and idols here, which are the centres of the hope and belief of people.

7. Indian culture is full with Religiosity, here we wish for the peace of the entire world along with our individual peace. In December 2008, the present President of India Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil came in Jambudweep - Hastinapur to inaugurate ‘World Peace Ahimsa Conference’ on the initiation by Pujya Ganini Shri Gyanmati Mataji. We celebrated the year 2009 as PEACE YEAR. My inspiration for you is that Non-Violence is the basis of life. We will live and will let live others also.