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Shri 1008 Shantinath Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Ishurvara Place & Post – Ishurvara, District – Sagar (M.P.) Pin – 470115 Phone 07584-271196, 283234

Ishurvara is situated in the middle part of ‘Vindhyanchal’ mountain range in Sagar District. Ishurvara Atishaya Kshetra is about 400 years old. The one magnificent Jinalaya (Temple) was got constructed by famous Shreshthi Panashah in V.S. 1662 on one hill of this Kshetra near to this village. The 9 feet high Khadgasana idols of Teerthankar Bhagwan ‘Shantinath’, Bhagwan ‘Arahnath’ & Bhagwan ‘Kunthunath’ are installed in this temple. They were Chakrawarti & Kamdeo also. Various events of miracles do happen here. In September 1999 the lightening fell on the sanctum of temple & the current from the impact of the lightning flowed across all objects but this flow of current did not affected the two Shravakas (devotees), who were offering prayers in the sanctum at that time & moreover the sanctum was also not affected. During October 1999 also there was lightening on Jinalaya but not even single devotee who was present there & even the Jinalaya was also not affected because of the miraculous powers of the temple.

The main & antique Jinalaya of Ishurvara is situated on the hill. This Jinalaya is a tall, huge & magnificently spired structure. This was constructed by the ‘Shreshthi Panashah’ in V.S. 1662. The 9 feet high Khadgasan & miraculous idols of Bhagwan Shantinath, Bhagwan Arahnath & Bhagwan Kunthunath are installed in this temple. These idols show an exquisite beauty of execution and skill. The 5 feet high Khadgasan idols of Bhagwan Chandraprabhu & Bhagwan Neminath are installed respectively on both sides of idols. The ‘Chanvar Vahak’ (Whisk Carriers) are constructed on both sides below each idol.