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JAMBUDVIPA Jambudvipa,the circular land mass,is divided in seven regions namely Bharata,Haimavata,Hari,Vdeha,Ramyka,Hairanyavay and Airavat,by the placement of six mountains viz,himavana,Mahahimavana,Nisadha,Nila,Rukmi and Sikhari.The north-southern stretch of Bharata region is 525*6/19 yojanas.The stretch goes on doubling till we reach videha region after which it again goes on reducing by one half. Due to kala parivartana (six variations of time measurement e.g.susama-susama,etc.)the existence of different bhumis in different ksetras (regions)are given as under:

Kestras Bhumi
Bharata and Airavata Karmabhumi
Haimavata and Hairanyavata Jaghanya bhogbhumi
Hari and Ramyaka Madhyama bhogbhumi
Devakuru and Uttarakuru in Videha Uttama bhogbhumi

In Videhaksetra,due to the existence of 16 vaksara parvatas and 12 vibhanga rivers there become 32 kestras whose names are kaccha,sukaccha etc.In all these 32 kestras,karma bhumi exists for ever and is therefore called as universal karmabhumi. The nrth-southern stretch of videha kestra is 33684*4/19 yojanas and east-western lengh 100000 yojanas:right at its center,there exists the mount Sudarsana Meru having 100040 yojanas hight and 10000 yojanas base diameter which continuously reduces to the top.On four directions each of meru there exists a gajadanta parvata touching Meru on the one side and Nila parvata on the other side.