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Shri Digamber Jain Atishya Kshetra Nemgiri Samsthan, Jintur Place & Post – Jintur, Taluka – Jintur, Dist. – Parabhani (Maharashtra), Pin 431509 Phone 02457 – 220113

This Kshetra is situated in sub hills of Sahyadri Mountains in Parabhani district, three kms from Jintur in the state of Maharashra. There are two hills named Nemgiri & Chandragiri are famous for their ancient & miraculous Jain Cave Temples & Chaityalayas. In ancient times this area was famous as Jainpur, this was developed in the time of Emperor Amogh Varsha of Rashtrakut Family. Later in the middle period of Indian History, this was destroyed by invaders, and its name was changed to Jintur, the current name. At that time 300 Jain families & 14 Jain Temples were here. Today only two temples remains out of them. Later in the year 1609 A.D. this Kshetra was reconstructed and developed by Shri Veer Sangavi of Bagherwal Cast. It is said that Samavsharan of Lord Mahaveer came here and the Last Shrut Kevali Acharya Bhadrabahu with his 12000 scholars including Chandragupt Maurya (The great emperor of ancient India) also visited this place. In Nemgiri, the famous idol of Lord Parsvanath was also installed by them, this idol is suspended in the space 3 inches high from surface without any support, so this is called Antariksha Parsvanath. According to archaeologists idols of this Kshetra are old about 1000 years or more.

Nemgiri Hill – Here are 7 Cave Temples, among them in 4th Cave, a very beautiful idol of Lord Neminath (The 22nd Teerthankar) in padmasan seating posture is installed 7.5 feet in height. In 5th Cave idol of Antariksha Parsvanath is a must to see, 6.5 feet in height with nine serpent hoods over head. Chandragiri Hill – A Choubeesee carved on a flat rock is very artistic here, that includes great standing idols of Lord Shantinath, Kunthunath & Arahnath and this was installed in V.S. 1665.