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Kalikund Parsvanath

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Kalikund Parsvanath


Shri Kalikund Parsvanath Dig. Jain Siddha (Atishaya) Kshetra, Kundal Place & Post – Kundal, Taluka – Palus, Dist. – Sangli (Maharashtra) Pin – 416309 Phone -02346 – 271113, 271008

Kalikund or Kundal is a historical place. Its ancient name was Koundinyapur where so many debates were organized. Acharya Samantbhadra defeated so many Learned Persons in debates here. The tradition of Kundal is more than 1600 years old. It is believed that Samavsharan of Bhagwan Parsvanath & Mahaveer came here and last Shrutkevali Poojya Shridhara Muni achieved salvation here. Here Lord Parsvanath’s idol is miraculous. It is said that a son of a King died due to some disease, then his newly married wife prepared an idol of Parsvanath made of Sand and goddess Padmavati and started prayers & worship with the deep heart, due to the effect of such hearty worship, her husband became alive again. Same type of miracle is found in the story of King Satyeshwar & Queen Padmashri of Koundinyapur.

Kalikund Parsvanath Mandir is the main temple here. This is an ancient temple with principal deity Lord Parsvanath, miraculous idol of Sand with hard & sturdy coating Black in color, 5 feet 4 inch high. In the back on wall, images of goddesses joining their hands are carved beautifully. This is surrounding by a rampart. Lord Parsvanath’s idol was installed in V.S. 964. In this rampart Lord Mahaveer’s idol was found during digging in cross legged seating posture in year 1978 A.D.