Kamaldah (BR)

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Kamaldah (BR)

Shri Dirambar Jain Sidha Kshetra, Kamaldahji Sudarshan Path, Guljarbaugh, Patna (Bihar) Pin- 800007 Phone nos: 093861 52398 091626 02994

Nearest city: Patna 7 km

The temple which is an 18th century construction, is located near the Gluzarbagh railway station in Patna. This place is the salvation place of Muni Sudarshan Swami. Sudarshan seth was born at Chmpanagar in Bhagalpur. Every year on Pausha Shukla Panchami is celebrated as the nirwan diwas. Near this temple there is another very old temple which is associated with the birth of Sthulbhadra Acharya. The high mound of the brick ruins at this place, that this temple overlies, might suggest some greater antiquity of the site than this late medieval temple.

The temple contains a valuable inscription giving details of its construction. It was built in 1729 A.D. (Vikram Sanvat 1848) by the congregation of the faithful of the Jain Order of Patliputra, and that the temple was dedicated to Shri Sthulabhadra, the great Jain sage of the yore. Significantly, this is the only historical inscription that confirms the identity of Patliputra with Patna.