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Chaitra krishna Ekam 02 march 2018 66th Sanyam Diwas of P.P.Ganini Pramukh Shree Gyanmati Mataji

Lesson 01 Four Auspicious (Mangals)

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Four Auspicious (Mangals )

There are four auspicious;
Chattari Mangalam, Arihant Mangalam, Siddha Mangalam,
Sahu Mangalam, Kevali Pannatto Dhammo Mangalam.
Chattari Loguttama, Arihant Loguttama, Siddha Loguttama,
Sahu Loguttama, Kevali Pannatto Dhammo Loguttama
Chattari Saranam Pavvajjami , Arihant Saranam Pavvajjami,
Siddha Saranam Pavvajjami, Sahu Saranam Pavvajjami,
Kevali Pannatto Dhammo Saranam Pavvajjami.
Which destroy sins and give pleasure are called Mangals. Meaning-In the universe, there are only four auspicious;
1. Arihant Parmeshthis are auspicious
2. Siddha Parmeshthis are auspicious
3. Sadhu Parmeshthis are auspicious
4. Religion preached by the Omniscient Soul (Kevali Bhagwan) is auspicious.
There are four Supremes in the universe;
1. The Worthy Souls (Arihants) are Supreme in the world.
2. The Liberated Souls (Siddhas) are Supreme in the world.
3. The Saints are Supreme in the world.
4. Religion preached by the Kevali Bhagwan is Supreme in the world.
In the universe I take shelter/protection with the four;
1. I seek protection with the Worthy Souls (Arihants).
2. I seek protection with the Liberated Souls (Siddhas).
3. I seek protection with the Sadhus (Saints).
4. I seek protection with the religion preached by the Kevali Bhagwan.

Q1. How many Mangals are there in the universe?
Q2.What is the meaning of Chattari Saranam Pavvajjami?
Q3.What is the opposite of Mangal and what does it mean?

Q4.What is the meaning of loguttama?