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Lesson 17 Anger-A Passion (Krodh Kashaya)

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Anger-a passion (Krodh Kashaya)

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That which binds the soul and gives misery or makes it a slave is called passion (Kashaya).
Passion is of four kinds:-
1) Anger (Krodh)
3) Illusion (Maya)
2) Pride (Maan)
4) Greed (Lobha).
Anger-It harms one’s own self before it can harm others.
Kamath raped his younger brother Marubhuti’s wife. Therefore the King punished Kamath & turned him out of the kingdom. He became a Tapasi and was performing penance by lifting a big rock in both of his hands. Due to attachment for his elder brother, Marubhuti went to Kamath to bring him back. But Kamath in the state of anger threw the rock on his brother who died on the spot.
Later on Marubhuti’s soul purified himself and was born as Lord Parshvanath .Whereas the soul of Kamath suffered the miseries for ten births and every time tortured the soul of Marubhuti. In the end also, the Jeev (soul) of Kamath created severe calamities during the penance of Lord Parshvanath. Due to the sin of anger , Kamath suffered the miseries of hell and Tiryanch (animal life) whereas the soul of Marubhuti, due to the quality of forgiveness, overcame the disturbances created by Kamath and attained the title of ‘SANKAT MOCHAN’ or ‘DUKH-HARAN’ Lord Parshvanath.
Therefore one should avoid anger.

Q.1. How many passions are there ?
Q.2. What was the relation between Kamath & Marubhuti ?
Q.3. Out of the two who became LORD PARSHVANATH ?

Q.4. What is the harm of anger?