Om Hreem Shri Rishabhdevaaya Namah

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Chaitra krishna Ekam 02 march 2018 66th Sanyam Diwas of P.P.Ganini Pramukh Shree Gyanmati Mataji

Lesson 18 Pride-A Passion (Maan Kashaya)

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Four thousand kings, without a thought accepted the vow of “Jaineshwari Diksha” (as a Jain saint) along with Lord Rishabhdev. Lord Rishabhdev meditated for six months; but all the other saints could not bear thirst and hunger; they started eating fruits & drinking river water. Prince Marichi Kumar was one of them and was very proudy. He started many different false religions (Pakhand Mat), on account of his pride. After the achievement of ‘Kevalgyan’ (Complete Knowledge) by Lord Rishabhdev, all the other corrupted saints repented and again took the vow (Deeksha). They all attained salvation; but Marichi neither repented nor accepted the vow. He told that he would preach his religion and would be worshipped by Indra Dev. Like this he disregarded the words of Lord Rishabhdev and did not leave the false religion. On account of this pride of the false religion, he suffered the miseries of Tras & Sthavar lives for innumerable years. Once when he was in the form of a lion, a Riddhidhari Muni (Jain saint) explained him the real values of life. The lion followed the right path (of Samyaktva) and accepted the vow of five great principles (Anuvratas). When the lion died, it was born in heaven and subsequently attained the Lordship in his tenth birth and was known as Lord Mahavir. After reading the story one should give-up the passion of pride.

Q.1. How many Kings renunciated the worldly pleasures along with Lord Rishabhdev?
Q.2. Why did prince Marichi abstain himself from accepting the vow again?
Q.3. Upto how Many births did he suffer the miseries of life and death due to passion of pride?

Q.4. How did he upgrade his life in later times?