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Chaitra krishna Ekam 02 march 2018 66th Sanyam Diwas of P.P.Ganini Pramukh Shree Gyanmati Mataji

Lesson 21 Philosophy Of Karma (Karma Siddhant)

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Teacher-This universe is in existence from time immortal and has no end i.e. this was in existence; this is in existence and this will exist for infinite times. No one has created it.
Pupil-Sir! If this universe has not been created by God then who gives happiness and sorrow to us?
Teacher-Dear children! we are happy or suffer miseries according to our own fate. Some people call the fate as Creator or Brahma.
Pupil-What is fate, Sir?
Teacher-Look! Any humanbeing who has good or evil thoughts or speaks good or vulgar language or performs good or bad acts; accordingly he is bounded by good or evil Karmas. Those Karmas according to time give their fruits. It is known as fate.
Pupil-What is the harm if we accept God as the creator of the universe?
Teacher-If God is supreme and kind, why He should give miseries/worries or sorrow to anyone? If you say the person did sin, then why God has created sin? And why He created sinful people? That is why He is not the creator of the universe, happiness or sorrows (merits or demerits).Every single soul himself does good or bad acts,as a result of his acts he himself suffers happiness or miseries . That very soul when looks inside of himself is enlightened and becomes the Supreme Soul (Parmatma).

Q.1. When this universe came into existence?
Q.2. What are the defects if we accept the God as the creator of the universe?
Q.3. How happiness and sorrows come to us?
Q.4. How Karmas are bounded with the soul?

Q.5. Can every living being become a Supreme Soul?