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Chaitra krishna Ekam 02 march 2018 66th Sanyam Diwas of P.P.Ganini Pramukh Shree Gyanmati Mataji

Lesson 22 Violence (Himsa)

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Balvikas Part-2-14.jpg
Non-pious acts are known as sin (pap). Sin is of five kinds; violence (himsa), falsehood (jhuth), theft (chori), unchastity (kushil) and possessiveness (desire to accumulate worldly objects).
Violence-To kill others or self non-vigilantly is called violence. Who do this sin, are known as killers, cruel or violent persons.
Emperor Yashodhar sacrificed a cock made of wheat-flour in front of Chandmaridevi as per his mother’s instruction for getting peace. Due to this intentional killing (sankalpi himsa), both the son and mother after death were born as peacock & dog. Again & again thereafter they were born as crocodile & snake, fish & crocodile, he & she goat and he goat & buffalo respectively. Again they were born as hen & cock. During these six cycles of death & birth they suffered innumerable miseries. At the time of the death of the cock & hen, a Muni recited Namokar Mantra to them. On account of this, both of them were born to the queen of the King Yashomati (son of Yashodhar) as twin brother & sister/son & daughter. They were named as Abhayaruchi & Abhayamati.During their childhood, they remembered their past births (Jati-smaran) & they gave up the world. They accepted the vow of Kshullak & Kshullika.Once a butcher fetched them for sacrifice.At that time Kshullak Maharaj narrated his prebirths' incidents to Chandmaridevi & the King who left killing & took a vow of non-violence.

Q.1. What is sin?
Q.2. How many kinds are of sin?
Q.3. Who is King Yashodhar in the picture?
Q.4. In which Yoni (birth) the King suffered after doing the sin of killing/sacrifice?
Q.5. Who were Kshullak & Kshullika in their previous birth?

Q.6. How the King left killing?