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Name : Shri 1008 Vighn-harneshvar Parshv-Nath Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra, Kulcharam

Address : Shri 1008 Vighn-harneshvar Parshv-Nath Digamber Jain Atishaya Kshetra Place & post Kulcharam, District Medak (Andhra Pradesh) Pin — 502381 Phone—08452-229436

Nearby City : Hyderabad 80 K.M.

About Kulcharam : IKulcharam displays thousands of years old Jain Temples, the ancient art of sculpture & history before us, which are the centers of faith/believe and is worshipped by public not only by Jains but alsio by others. We feel proud that these idols presenting the unending impression of Jainism, have kept themselves safe even during the natural calamities like rain, hot & cold season and wind-storm etc. Shri Kshetra Kulcharam’s Parshv Prabhu appeared self by there own miraculous effect. According to sayings, when government constructed flats on the plot where this idol was hidden under the earth, then all the flats due to fire turn in to the heap of ash. Then due to washing the land slowly & slowly, magnificent serpentine hoods got visible. Then, that place was dug carefully, thus the large idol of Bhagwan Parshv Nath in standing posture was recovered from earth with the help of 20-25 persons. That digamber idol belonging to Jains, Hyderabad Jain Samaj was informed about this event. After continuous efforts from Year 1984 to 1997, this great idol was handed over to renowned persons of Jain Samaj Hyderabad. After a deep & detailed discussion, a decision was taken to construct a magnificent temple with fully facilitated Dharm-Shala (inn) which will represent the ancient art of architecture. Atishaya (miracles) – This idol is miraculous, darshan of Vighn-haraneshvar Parshv-Nath diminishes the worldly worries & fulfills the desired, so this place is getting popularized. Devotees from all casts come here for pilgrimage.

Temples & Idols : At present, there is a magnificent & artistic temple with a high beautiful pinnacle. The main gate of temple & alter is very attractive and eye catching. Main idol of principal deity Bhagwan Parshv-Nath is made of black stone, 11 feet & 3 inches in height, and in standing posture with 7 serpent hoods over head and belongs to 9thcentury. Water of consecration flows from all the hoods and then through head and shouldersit comes to feet. The scene of consecration by milk looks like the flow of pearls. Complete process of consecration follows according to Gommateshwer Bahubali’s. Here, a model of great teerth Sammed Shikharji is also worth seen, column of dignity (Man-stambh) is also a unique piece of art of architecture. Panch Kalyanak Pratishtha Mahotsava at this new atishaya ksjetra was organized from 10th of March 2003 to 16th of March 2003 with many cultural programs and functions.

Temple Timings & Kind of : From 6 A.M. to 9 P.M., Digamber

Natural Scenario : This kshetra is situated in a natural hilly area full of greenery, presents a beautiful, eye catching and peaceful environment

Facilities : Dharmshala with 10 rooms equipped with all facilities available, a guest house is also present here.

Means of approach : Busses & taxies are available from Hyderabad. Kshetra is situated on Hyderabad-Medak road. Railway Station & Airport - Hyderabad

Nearby Places : Hyderabad