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Encyclopedia Inspirator-Ganini Pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mataji
Chief Editor-Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji


Largest Jain Idol in World - Lord Rishabhdev

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Apostles of Ahimsa, the Tirthankaras

The credit of initiating this outlook and way of life certainly goes to Lord Rishbha of hoary antiquity, who was the first Shramana Tirthankara, the first teacher of man and harbinger of human civilization on this earth. The twemtythree Tirthankaras who succeeded him, one after the other, down to Lord Mahavira, the last in the series, practiced and propagated, in their times, Appostle creed of peaceful existence. All these Tirthankaras were the greatest apostles of Ahimsa, whose compassion knew no bounds to the animal kingdom, so poignantly manifest in their insistence on total abstention from using meat, fish or eggs as food and from hunting, poaching or fishing as sport. The concern and compassion for animal life rings out from every chapter and verse of their lives

Aristanemi, the 22nd Tirthankara and a cousin of Lord Krishna of Mahabharta fame, could not bear the sight of wailing beasts and birds collected penned to be slaughtered for the wedding feast. He leapt down from his chariot, set the poor animals free, and was so disgusted at the brutal ways of men that he at once renounced the world and repaired to Mount Girnar to practice penance.

Parshvanatha, the 23rd Tirthankara who lived in the 9th Century B.C., saved the life of a couple serpents which were being burnt down by some Tapasis, along-with the logs of wood, and he relentlessly preached against killing animals for religious purposes or in ascetic practices.

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Jain Dharma

1. Anitya Bhavna

All things are momentary in world,
Everybody doing the birth and death.
It is also nature of Universe......
I'm praying to you.........

Shortest Meditation of OHM Mantra

For sometime you sit in lotus posture and concentrate on a Mantra. I will tell you today, how to do meditation. Please give attention and keep your one palm on another palm.
The right palm should be upside. Now close your eyes and keep your body fully straight.
Firstly you imagine a white big background in front of you. On this background you see the Mantra Om. This Mantra has been originated from the Namokar Mantra. Om is the smallest form of the Namokar mantra. This is the original mantra and you can not convert it into English or in other language. Now you concentrate on saffron coloured Om written on the white background.

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Jain Worship
Tirthankar Mahaveer and Dhramtirth
Indra formed Ayodhya Nagari owing to the Punya of King Nabhiraj and his queen Marudevi. Kalpavrikshas (Trees, which provide any wished article) were almost on the verge of extinction at that time, so Nabhiraj directed the public to eat better fruits and also told to drink the Ikshuras (Sugarcane Juice) by crushing the sugarcane. That’s why they were called as “IKSHVAUKUVANSHI”. Queen Marudevi gave birth to Thirthankar Vrishabhdeva. Then Devtas and Indras combinedly celebrated the Janmabhishek festival (ceremony of anointment of the new born infant) by taking the JIN-CHILD to Sumeru Mountain.

When Rishabhdeva became young, he was married with Yashasvati and Sundanda. Yashasvati gave birth to Bharat Chakravarti & 99 sons and to Brahmi daughter. Read more....

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Today's Thought
Enlightened leadership is spiritual if we understand spirituality not as some kind of religious dogma or ideology but as the domain of awareness where we experience values like truth, goodness, beauty, love and compassion, and also intuition, creativity, insight and focused attention.
The Worth of “Manusya-Bhav”

The Worth of “Manusya-Bhav”

Birth, Renunciation & Initiation</center>

Living a life with religious vows signifies/justifies the Manusya-Bhav. Achharya Shanti Sagar Ji Maharaj had delivered a soul-stirring sermon to observe vows during “Paryusan Parva” at Baramati Chaturmas. He said, 1.“Whoever abandons mundane pleasures without en­joying them is par-excellent / an eminent person. 2.Whoever abandons mundane pleasures after enjoying them is mediocre? 3.Whoever remains engaged in enjoying them and does not think of abandoning them are worthless rogue, i.e., life with­out religious vows is meaningless and worthless. People have a notion that observing religious vows is both­ersome. It is an illusion. How much does a person struggle with worldly affairs? How much trouble does he take? The day is spent without a moment of rest in earning money, and there is no sleep during the night in the anxiety of its protection. There is in fact an illusion of pleasures while accumulating wealth day and night. It is not really bothersome to observe religious vows by being a “ Vriti ” (observer of religious vows). By being a Vriti one attains the dev-bhav (a form of life living by gods in heaven) wherein an immense pleasure awaits him that is unimaginable in manushya-bhav. Apart from this, the soul in dev-bhav can reach even “Videh-Kshetra" where it may have the privilege of visiting in person “Simandhar Swami”, the first Tirthankar of Videh kshetra, and may attain Samyaktava hearing his “Divya Dhwani” (celestial speech). A vital point on which Achharya Shri focused his attention was- “We should always think about the happiness and welfare of the living beings”. The status of Tirthankar is attained by constant reflection on the welfare of the world at large. If there is no feeling of compassion in the conscience then despite having “Kshayak Samayktva ” (i.e. never ending samyaktava), one can’t fasten on the '‘Tirthankar Prikriti ”. So, observe vow. That vow will definitely be fostered. Command of the scripture is Command of the Jinendra Dev. Vows should be ob­served adhering to the Command of the scripture and not out of con­servatism. Command of world is convention.

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