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Maksi Parsvanath

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Maksi Parsvanath

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Shri Dig. Jain Atishaya Kshetra Maksi Parsvanath Maksi, District – Shajapur (M.P.) Pin 465106 E-mail –

Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Maksi is an ancient place of pilgrimage. There are two temples here. First is big temple called as Bara Mandir, in which the principal deity is Lord Parsvanath. This is supposed to be more than 2500 Years old, also may be of the chaturth kaal. According to archaeologists this temple is approximately 1000 Years old, built in the period of Parmars. The second temple is near the first temple with principal deity Lord Suparsvanath (The 7th Teerthankar), this was installed in V.S. 1899. 42 idols were installed in V.S. 1548 are also here. Both the temples are very beautiful and exist in one premise.

So many events of wonders are popular here about Maksi Parsvanath. It is said that an invader when came here to destroy the temple and the idols, he fell ill severely with no medicine giving him any relief. Finally, he bowed his head against the principal deity and he went from there after constructing five pinnacles on the main gate of temple. It is also said that thieves and dacoits became blind here and can not do any harm to the temple. One inscription is also here which prohibits to any one for theft. So many pilgrims come here every year for fulfilment of their desires.

At this place, there are two temples – Big Temple and a Smaller Temple. In Big Temple, there is an idol of principal deity Lord Parsvanath in Black Stone with height 3.5 feet, very attractive. In Small Temple, there is a miraculous idol of Lord Suparsvanath installed in Year 1842.

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