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Mangitungi Photos

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Shri Mangitungiji Digambar Jain SiddhaKsetra, Mangi Tungi Post Mangi-Tungi, Sub District Satana, District Nashik, Maharashtra - 423302

The Mantitungi hills are also known as the Sammed Shikharji of South. Lord Ram, Hanuman, Sugreev, Gavay, Gavaaksh, Neel, Mahaneel and 99 million Jain Saints achieved salvation from this twin hills. There are about 3500 steps to climb to reach the top of the hill. The main temples on Mangi Hill (out of 7) are:

(i) Mahavir Digambar Jain Cave Temple: Here the main idol is of Lord Mahavir in sitting posture which is 3.3 feet in height. There are four other idols on the left side. On the wall four Arihant idols are carved.

(ii) Cave No 6: Main idol of this temple is Lord Adinath in sitting posture (4.6 feet in height. There are twenty idols on cave's wall in sitting posture. Lord Parshvanath is in the middle of this temple. Two tirthankars sculptures in sitting posture and two in standing posture are also there. Another 28 idols have also been carved here apart from seven more idols in sitting posture on the wall.

(iii) Cave No. 7: Four idols in four directions and four are on the sides of the wall.

(iv) Cave No. 8: There are twenty idols and seven jain saints sculptures. On the outer side of the cave's wall there are seven sculptures and four Jain saints sculptures installed.

(v) Cave No. 9: As many as 47 idols are on three side and in the middle of this cave there is Lord Parshvanath installed (2.10 feet in hight). 13 jain saints are also seen on the cave's wall. On the hill's wall there are 24 tirthankar's sculpture and foot images of jain saints who get salvation from this hill.

Main Digambar Jain Temples On Tungi Hill (out of 4)are:

(i) Lord Chandraprabh Cave: Main idols is Lord Chandraprabh in sitting posture which is 3.3 feet in height. There are another 15 idols out of which, seven idols are 2.1 feet in height and 8 idols are 1.3 feet in height. All are in sitting posture except 2 sculptures in standing posture 10 inches in height carved on cave's wall. All the temples belong to the period of 7th - 8th century.

Main Digambar Jain temples On foothill are:

(i) Lord Parshvanath Jain Temple: Main idol Lord Parshvanath in sitting posture with 3.8 feet in hight was installed in V.S. 1915. There is samavsharan temple and in this temple 12 idols are made in stone and 33 idols are made in metal.

(ii) Lord Adinath Temple: Main idol of this temple is Lord Adinath in sitting posture (2.5 feet in hight) installed in V.S. 2394. On left side is Lord Vimalnath (2.1 feet i n hight) and Lord Cahadaprabhu. On right side Lord Adinath in sitting posture (2.2 feet in hight).

(iii) Lord Parshvanath Temple: Main idol Lord Parshvanath in sitting posture with 3.6feet in hight was installes in V.S. 1870. And 6 other idols in sitting posture made of stone.

(iv) Sahatrakoot Lotus Temple and Garden: This temple has 1008 Idols.

Apart from these temples, Ganini Pramukh Aryaka Shri Gyanmati Mataji has initiated a gigantic project to construct a 108 feet high Lord Rishabhdev Idol. Once complete, this would be the tallest idol in any religion in whole of India and would be spreading the message of peace and jainism for thousands of years to come. The idol is being carved out into the hill at halfway and currently the face is now begining to show. It would take another year or so before the idol would be complete and the panch kalyanak mahotsav of the tallest structure being held there.