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Muhri Pashwanth

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Muhri Parshwanath

The Muhri Parshwanath -jain Mandir-2500 year Old Idol

Jain Idol : white-colored idol of Bhagawan Muhari Parshvanath in the Padmasana posture nearly 84 cms. high

Jain God Desc : Bhagawan Muhari Parshvanath

Jain Teerth : It is in the centre of the village of Tintoi

Speciality of Jain Teerth : This miraculous ancient temple brightly shines with three summits, five open squares and two devkulikas. This idol has seven hoods.

Managing Trust : Shri Muhari Parshvanath Jain Tirtha Pedhi

Management Details of Jain : Shri Muhari Parshvanath Jain Tirtha Pedhi, Tintoi - 383250, Modasa, Sabarkantha, Gujarat State, India.

Geographical Details :

Historical Details : Regarding this sacred place, the legend goes that nobody could visit it without paying the tax. For paying a visit to this idol, one gold coin (muhar) was to be paid to the village chief. People, therefore, called the idol by the name, Muhari Parshvanath. A few years ago, a monk saw in a dream that this idol was buried under a ruined house on the Shamalaji hill. According to the dream, the Sanghas of the four village of Tintoi. Dadhaliya, Modasa and Sarodi, met together, went to the idol, seated it in a bullock-cart and returned with shouts of joy. Since the bullock-cart stopped at the centre of the Tintoi village, a splendid temple was built there and it was formally installed on the fifth day of the bright half of the month of Vaishakh in the year 1828 of the Vikram era. The text of Muhra Parshvanath in the Jagachintamani Chaitayavandan Sutra, is a sound proof of the antiquity of this temple.

Nearby cities: Tintoi, Modasa, Dungarpur

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