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Shri 1008 Dig. Jain Siddha Kshetra Nainagiri (Reshandigiri) Place & Post – Nainagiri, Taluka – Bijaver, Dist. – Chhatarpur (M.P.) Phone 07583-280095, 9893802446, 9893497386

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Nainagiri also known as Reshandigiri is an ancient sacred place full of natural beauty. This place has been mentioned in Nirvankand. This is the place where Samavsharan of Lord Parsvanath arrived once and Shri Vardutt and other five ascetic saints attained Nirvana. This Kshetra is situated on a hill, not too high and consists 36 Jain Temples on hill and 15 in valley. All the temples are build with spires, among them one temple lies in the midst of a pond.

Bara Mandir the Eleventh temple of this Kshetra is very old and it is said that it emerged from the earth about 100 Years ago. According to an inscription of the temple, the year of completion was V.S. 1109. Principal deity of this temple is Lord Parsvanath, the standing idol 4 feet 7 inch in height. This was installed in V.S. 2015. Thirteen ancient idols are also installed here, 9 of them are placed on shrine and another 4 are place on 4 separate platforms, these also belong to 11th - 12th century. There is an idol of Yaksha – Yakshini, very beautiful & artistic,Yakshini is with a child in her lap.

First temple on hill is known as Bade Baba Ka Mandir or Choubeesee Jinalaya, a big temple with the principal deity Lord Parsvanath, an 11 feet high standing idol without serpent hoods, with an attractive halo in the back and three tier umbrella over the head. On a shrine of this temple idols of 5 ascetic saints (Gurudatt & others) in standing posture made of White Stone are installed. Second is Lord Mahaveer’s temple, situated in the midst of a pond. Lord Mahaveer idol is 2 feet high in padmasana seating posture. Other temples are also visitable. 2 km ahead from the Kshetra, there a shrine in forest seems to be very old.