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A distinguished devotional poet Pt. Vrinda- van was born at Bara in district Shahabad (Bihar). His parents Sh. Dharam Chand and Smt. Sitabi had settled at Banaras in 1803 while Vrindavan was only 12 years old. In the company of Pt. Kashninath and others Pt. Vrindavan developed his interest in spiritualism.

His wife Smt. Rukmani was a pious and religious minded lady belonging to Banaras. Like others, her father had his own mint there. Pt. Vrindavan had refused to show the mint to a visiting Englishman. While Pt. Vrindavan became the government treasurer the same Englishman was appointed Collector of Banaras. He imprisoned Pt Vrindavan for three months to take revenge of the insult done to him earlier. His famous devotional poem Ho Dinbandhu Shripati Karunanidhanji was composed in the prison in his moments of great grief. Moved by recitation of the poem by weeping Vrindavanji, the English Collector had freed him from the jail.

A poet with natural instincts Pt. Vrindavan made his spiritual and devotional compositions in simple language. He also wrote Pujas which are much popular and read in the temples by lakhs of Jains every day.

Literary Works: Pravachansar Tika (poetic translation of the Prakrit work). Chaturvinshati Jin Puja Path, Tri Chaubisi Puja Path, Chhanda Shatak, Vrindavan Vilas (collection of all his miscellaneous poems) and Arhanta Pasa Kewali.

Pt. Vrindavan much desired to have written a Jain Ramayana. While dying he asked his son to implement his desire who started the work. Only after composing 71 Sargas his son had expired prematurely and the work could not be completed.