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Padampura ji

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Padampura Ji


Shri Dig. Jain Atishaya Kshetra, Padampura Bara Padampura, District – Jaipur (RAJ.) Phone +91-1429 – 277225, 277210

Padampuraji or Bara Padampura as it is also known as in the District of Jaipur is a unique place of miracles (Atishaya Kshetra) famous in north India for its very beautiful idol of Bhagawan Padamprabhu (The 6th Teerthankar) in padmasana siting posture 2 feet & 4 inch in height made of white stone. This ido was found while digging for foundation of a house by Moola Jat. The day when this idol appeared was Vaishakh Shukla 5 V.S. 2001.

Before appearing of this idol the entire village was suffering with the problem of scarcity of water & diseases. After this idol was found and placed in the temple, the problem of water was over and the death of animals, due to various diseases also stopped and after many years, villagers got a rich crop in their fields. So many desires of pilgrims are fulfilled here. It is said that poltergeist problems or disturbances are solved here simply by visiting (Darshan) of Padamprabhu.

Shri Mahorilalji Godha gave a wide field to construct a unique circular temple made of marble, whose beautiful spire is 85 feet high. This beautiful idol of Bhagwan Padamprabhu is installed on a high shrine in the middle of this circular temple and there are 10 more shrines in which idol of Lord Bahubali, Lord Mahaveer, Lord Padamprabhu, Lord Rishabhadeo and Lord Naminath etc. are installed. In the open field in front of the main temple a 27 feet high colossus of Bhagwan Padamprabhu is standing, it is very attractive. At the place where the Lord Padamprabhu appeared, images of feet are installed.