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Shri Digambar Jain Teerth Kshetra, Patnaganj – Rahli Place & Post – Rahli, Taluka – Rahli, District – Sagar (M. P.) Pin – 470227 Phone 07585-256379, 256238, 256390, 9329148998
Other Contact Nos. 07585 - 288351, 256354, 200180, 256285, 256090, 9301563330, 9425691224


Shri Shri Digambar Jain Atishaya Kshetra Patnaganj is situated in the vast area of Rahli in District – Sagar. This Kshetra is about 700 years old and is surround by a rampart at the bank of Swarnabhadra River. There are 30 magnificent & attractive temples in the area. All the temples are ancient and beautiful spires are built on the top of these temples. This is the place free from noise having peaceful environment where man’s mind becomes free from worldly affection & aversion and devotion towards god rises automatically. This Kshetra is famous for Bhagwan Mahaveer’s ancient huge idol. It is called ‘Bare Baba’. Two Padmasana idols of Bhagwan Parshvanath with 1008 serpent hoods, unique specimens of art is also present here. Even after the barbaric aggressions by ‘Aurangzeb’, this place remained safe. But before one century due to a terrible disease spread in the area and due to the fear of animals of forest, resident Jains left this Kshetra and started settling elsewhere. In the year 1944, when great saint ‘Poojya Kshullaka Ganesh Prasadji Varni’ visited this Kshetra, he was surprised looking at the adverse conditions. So he decided to work for the restoration of the Kshetra. As a result, a gathering of whole Jain Samaj was organised here and from the 3rd day onwards, the work for restoration of this Kshetra was started.

So many times shower of saffron occurs here. Devotees of all communities come here to fulfil their desires near Bare Baba – the Mahaveer Swami idol. In twentieth century, Shri Lokman Pujari got his eyesight again while he applied Gandhodaka after worship in the temples of this Kshetra. In present era, so many devotees accepted ascetism after visiting attractive & miraculous idols of this Kshetra and they are going forward on the path of self-welfare Atma-Kalyan.

Parshvanath Temple (Sahastraphani Parshvanath): - There are two agreeable magnificent & attractive idols of Bhagwan Parshvanath with 1008 serpent hoods made of, black stone in Padmasana posture. Both idols are the rare specimens of art, a proof showing the proficiency of artist. First is 4 feet & 4 inch in height, 2 feet & 8 inch in width reverenced in V.S. 1842. In this idol serpent hood covers both the arms as well as head. This is rare among artful idols. Second idol is also 4 feet & 4 inch in height and 2 feet & 7 inch in width in black color. Its serpent hood is also big, but surrounding only to head, in the posture of meditation looks very attractive. Other eye-catching idols are also installed in this temple worth being seen.

Sahastra Koot Chaityalaya: - This is also a wonderful & huge creation of world. This is 9 feet high with a circumference of 32 feet’s made of stone. 1008 idols in Padmasana & Standing posture are carved on it in a beautiful manner. This is a unique piece of art worth being seen. Nandishwar Jinalaya & Samavsharan: - Here Nandishwar Jinalaya & Samavsharan Mandir are also very attractive & agreeable and are contemporary. Meru of Nandishwar Jinalaya are colorful, this was reverenced in V. S. 1835.

Bhagwan Munisuvratnath: - This is unique ancient & huge idol in dark red color in Padmasana posture. Two idols of 10th century are also installed here in two separate altars & one coral colored. Bhagwan Shantinath’s idol of 3½ feet height is also installed here, which is miraculous, attractive & agreeable.