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Pavagiri Una

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Pavagiri, Una

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Shri Digamber Jain Siddha Kshetra Pavagiri Una, District – Khargone (M.P.) Pin 451440 Phone 01975 – 261328

Other than Khajuraho, an ancient temple built in the 12th century during the period of Parmars is here. Ballal, the king of Malwa committed to build 100 temples after getting cured from sever illness. But he succeeded only in building 99 temples one less than what he promised. So this place was named Una. It means one less than one hundred This temple was forgotten lost in the generations next. This temple was later searched in the year 1914 when Seth Shri Harsubhji of Susari came here. In the year 1934 a man was appointed here for worship and maintenance of the temple. Later a very attractive idol of Lord Mahaveer Swami in padmasan posture was found burried under the ground. It was installed in V.S. 1252. In V.S. 1953 while preparing for foundation of Dharmshala (Guest House), an idol of 3 feet in height in padmasan posture of Lord Sambhavnath (The 3rd Teerthankar) was found. This was installed in V.S. 1218. A pair of foot images was also found with this idol. It is said that from this place four ascetic saints achieved salvation i.e. Moksha. These were Suvarnbhadra and others in the period of Bhagwan Chandraprabhu (The 8th Teerthankar). This place is near Chirurha River, which seems to be a changed name Chelna River, as said in Nirvankand.

Main temple is situated 500 meters away from Dharmshala, on a little hill, a vast & beautiful structure, with principal deity Lord Shantinath a 12 feet high standing statue, with standing idols of 8 feet high Lord Kunthunath & Arahnath (The 17th & 18th Teerthankars respectively) in both sides. The idol of Lord Shantinath was installed in V.S. 1263. Inside the dharmshala, there is a beautiful temple with principal deity Lord Mahaveer, a very attractive idol in all respects with height 2 feet 2 inch.