Qualities of True Divine

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True divine: he who is free from all attachment & malice (Veetragi), has infinite knowledge (Sarvagya), gentle in speech (Hitopdeshi) and known as Arhant, Tirthankar or Jinendra.
TRUE SCRIPTURE: Which is preached by the Worthy Soul, written & taught by the spiritual teachers (preceptors) is the true scripture. It is pure and completely free from contradictions. It is also called JINVANI.
TRUE SPIRITUAL TEACHERS: Those who are free from all sensual desires, fully possessionless and nude, are the True Spiritual Teachers. They are also known as PRECEPTORS, SADHUS, SADGURU, TAPASVI etc .
I daily go to a Jain temple and have the darshan of the holy idol of Jinendra Dev. I also bow my head to respected Munis and Aryikas and now I promise to read the true scriptures also.