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Shatrunjaya Giri

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Shri Shatrunjaya Digamber Jain Dharmshala Bhairav Pura, Place & Post – Palitana, District – Bhav Nagar (Gujarat) Pin – 364270 Phone 02848-252542

Nearby City : Songarh 22 km Bhav Nagar 55 km

About Shatrunjaya Teerth : Shri Shatrunjaya Giri, Palitana is an ancient famous place of salvation, from where three Pandavas Yudhishthir, Bheem & Arjun got Nirvana (Attain full & final liberation from world). This is a sacred place from where 8 crores of Dravida Kings attained salvation by accepting penance for self-purification, thus vanishing Ashta Karma. This Siddha Kshetra is described in ancient Prakrit & Sansakrit texts.

Main Temple & Idol : The Digamber Jain temple on Shatrunjaya Teerth is an ancient temple, has 9 shrines with various Teerthankaras idols installed.

On the main shrine of temple, the magnificent idol of principal deity 1008 Bhagwan Shantinath is installed, this is 42 inch in height; in Padmasana posture made of white stone & was installed in V.S. 1686. According to the inscription on idol, a famous businessman of Ahmedabad installed this.

Shri Ratnashi Dungarshi & Family of Hummad Cast in the period of Mughal emperor Shahjahan on 5th day of Vaishakha Shukla V.S. 1686 installation ceremony was headed by Bhattaraka Padmanandi.

In this temple, beautiful standing idols of Yudhishthir, Bheem & Arjun are also installed in V.S. 2025, these three Pandavas attained salvation from here. Two another idols of Bhagwan Parshvanath each 24 inch in height in Padmasana posture are installed here, one is called Chintamani Parshvanath and other is called Vighnaharan Parshvanath. Both were installed in V.S. 1734.

On the both sides of northern gate of temple foot images of Bhagwan Adinath & Bhagwan Sambhavanath are installed. On the inner shrine with attractive spires, there are three foot images of three Pandavas are also installed.

Means of approach :

Road – Buses are available from Ahmedabad, Ghogha, Junagarh, Bhavnagar, Mehsana, Surat etc. Train – Trains are available from Ahmedabad, Shihore, Surendranagar, Mehsana etc. Airport – Ahmedabad