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Shri Digamber Jain Siddha Shetra Sonagiri Place & Post – Sonagiri, Dist. – Datia (M.P.) Pin – 475685 Phone 07522 – 262307, 262310

This sacred place is popular among devotees & ascetic saints to practice for self discipline, austerity and to attain Nirvana (Salvation) since the time of Bhagwan Chandraprabhu (The 8th Teerthankar), Five & half Crores of ascetic saints have achived salvation (Moksha or Nirvana) from here. The Samavsharan of Bhagwan Chandraprabhu came here for 17 times. Nang, Anang, Chintagati, Poornachand, Ashoksen, Shridutt, Swarnbhadra and many other saints achieved salvation from here. This is the unique place known as Laghu Sammed Shikhar covering the area of 132 acres of two hills. There are 77 beautiful Jain temples with sky high spires, Temple No. 57 is main among them. Acharya Shubh Chandra & Bhartrihari lived and worked here for spiritual achievements. They completed here some texts also.

Temple No. 57 on hill is the main temple. This is a vast temple in size, very beautiful, having attractive artistic spire. In this temple principal deity are Lord Chandraprabhu, 11 feet in height and two other beautiful idols of Lord Sheetalnath & Parsvanath. There is a column of dignity (Manstambh) near the temple 43 feet in height and an attractive model of Samavsharan, big in size is also here.

There are more than 77 temples on hill and another 26 temples in the village. Most of them are very old. At Kund-Kund Nagar, on 25 feet high platform, a colossus of Lord Bahubali in standing posture 18 feet in height has been installed. Below it a hall is built to practice the meditation. Attractive models of Sammedshikar, Girnar, Champapur and Pavapur are constructed here. These are the places of salvation (Nirvana Kshetra) of 24 Teerthankars. In all the Dharmashalas separate temples are built, details are as below: - Bhattarka Kothi Principal deity Bhagwan Shantinath Beespanthi Kothi (Temple of Mirrors) Principal deity Bhagwan Anantnath Terapanthi Kothi Principal deity Bhagwan Parsvanath Tyagi Vrati Ashram Principal deity Bhagwan Chandraprabhu Kund-Kund Nagar Principal deity Bhagwan Bahubali Delhiwali Dharmshala Principal deity Bhagwan Chandraprabhu