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Story of Mainasundari

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King Pahupal of Ujjaini was a courageous,wise and noble king. His kingdom was flourishing with natural beauty and all required amenities. People of his kingdom were prosperous and happy, they respected the king and followed his orders.One fine day his firstlady, the head of his queens Nipunsundri arrived in his court. She had two daughters named Sursundri and Mainasundri.Both the princess were very beautiful and virtous. King Pahupal expressed his intention to the queen to educate both the princess. He believed that girls are responsible for the dignity of two families and hence should be well educated early in life. The queen supported the idea and expressed her approval.

The king called his elder daughter Sursundri to the court and asked for her opinion on the idea. She accepted willingly and told that she wished to study from a hindu saint. The king called for her preferred teacher and sent his daughter Sursundri with him to his gurukul with his due permission. Then the king called his younger daughter Mainasundri and asked her the same question. With great happiness she too accepted to study and expressed her preferrence to be taught by a Jain saint. The King was very happy to hear this. They decided to take her to a Jain "Acharya" in a Jain temple the following morning.

Next day, all three of them ( the King, queen and Mainasundri)went to the temple. After praying, they went near the Jain ''Acharya'' in the temple and requested him for accepting Mainsundri as his disciple. The ''Acharya''[1] approved the idea with pleasure and said "The thought is very noble. Enlightmnet is the only way to conquer the world. You should take your daughter to a Jain ''Aryika'' and leave her there for study ". The king was very happy and as per the instructions took Mainasundri to a Jain Aryika. She accepted her willingly and gave her blessings. The king and queen left Mainasundri with the Aryika and returned to the palace.

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