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A renowned warrior, historian, poet and literary person Munot Nancy had joined the State service before the age of 22. Gajraj Singh, ruler of Jodhpur, had deputed him to fight against the Meras of Magra in 1632. He had appointed him governor of Phalaudi In 1637 where he suppressed the Biloch enemies. After Gajraj Singh his successor Jaswant Singh sent Munot Nancy to fight against the rebelling Mahecha Maheshdas of Rardhara in 1643. Later, in 1645 he deputed Nancy and his brother Sunderdas to suppress Rao Narian of Sovrat. He also fought very bravely in other battles. He was Prime Minister of Jaswant Singh from 1657 to 1666. His brother Sunderdas was Private Secretary of Jaswant Singh during 1654- 1666.

As Jaswant Singh was made Governor sometime of one region and sometime of the other region, had to go on fights on behalf of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and thus had to be oftenly away from the state for longer periods Thakur Munot Nancy practically looked after the entire administration of the state very ably. Maharaja had vested in him big powers including power to grant Jagirs. As Diwan of Marwar he suppressed the rebels and established peace and prosperity in the state. He granted many concessions to poor farmers and did much to better their condition.

His hand written 'Munot Nancy Ki Khyat' is a very big and reliable history of Rajasthan and directory of Jodhpur State. It gave detailed description of villages, parganas, income from them, type of soil, position of water tanks, living condition of different communities etc. in Jodhpur State besides the history of various parts of Rajasthan. It was written in Marwari language which is not easily understood now. For this historical work he was known as Abul Fazal (writer of Aine-Akbari) of Rajasthan. He revived the system of census.His father Munot Jaimal was appointed governor of Jalore and Sanchore parganas by Maharaja Gajraj Singh. He fought bravely and saved Sanchore in the attack by Sindhis. Generous hearted Munot Jaimal provided food for one year to the hungry people of Marwar during the severe famine of 1630 there. In 1666, while Maharaja Jaswant Singh was in Aurangabad on false complaints he got displeased with Munot Nancy and his brother Sunderdas. They both were arrested. In 1668, the Maharaja imposed a fine of rupees one lakh which they refused to pay as being an act of injustice upon them. They were rearrested in 1669 and much physical tortures were inflicted upon them. Having no hope to realise the fine from these bold persons, Jaswant Singh ordered them to be sent to Jodhpur under arrest. As they could not bear the humiliation any further they committed suicide in village Phulmari, which was on the way, on Bhadrapad Krishna Triyodashi in the year 1670.

Jaswant Singh repented and released Karamsi, son of Munot Nancy, and other relatives from the prison. Distressed Munot Karamsi did not like to remain in Jodhpur State any further and went to Ram Singh, ruler of Nagore in 1670 where he was later appointed his Prime Minister. For his ill fate, he was hurried alive and all his family members crushed to death on a wrong interpretation of the utterance by a Gujarati physician at the death of Ram Singh while he was in Sholapur.

Munot Nancy had two wives. From the second wife he had 3 sons Karamsi, Vairsi and Samarsi. They alongwith their family and the sons of Sunderdas had gone to Ram Singh, ruler of Nagore, in 1670.After Karamsi, Munot Chander Sain also earned good name. He served with Peshwa and had control over an army of 1100 horsemen. Pleased with him, Nana Phadanwis had appointed him Qiledar of Dhar and Jhansi.