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Commencement of Diwali Festival


According to Jain studies, Saudharma Indra came to celebrate the Moksha Kalyanak of Lord Mahavir along with innumerable deities at the grounds of Pavapur. After worshipping the remaining divine body of Lord, its holy cremation was performed by the flames coming out from the crown of Agnikumar Dev. Indra performed Nirvankalyanak Pooja & inscribed the foot-prints of Bhagwan at the same place from where he got Nirvan i.e. present Jal-Mandir of Pawapuri (Nalanda).
In the evening Gautam Gandhar obtained Kevalgyan and innumerable Deepaks were illuminated by Devtas to mark the occasion. The festival of Deepawali started from then. Even today Nirvan Ladoo is offered at Jal Mandir, Pawapuri by thousands of devotees at the dawn of Kartik Krishna Amavasya along with the temples throughout the country & abroad and worships of Gautam Gandhar, Kevalgyan Mahalaxhmi & Saraswati are performed along with the illumination of numerous Deepaks in the evening.