Om Hreem Shri Rishabhdevaaya Namah

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Brief Introduction:Lord Rishabhdev
Rishabhdev also known as Adinatha, the First Tirthankara of this time cycle. According to Jainism Tirthankara is a great human being who attains liberation by destroying all his karmas and becomes a role model for every living being. A Tirthankara not only attains salvation himself but also helps all those who are sincerely trying to seek nirvana by preaching and guiding them. Jain's trace their history through a succession of twenty-four Tirthankaras. All these propagators have legendary accounts of their life described in various scriptures.
Lord Rishabhdev is said to have been the king and founder of the legendary "Ikshvaku" dynasty. As Lord Rishabha grew young he became a very brilliant and accomplished ruler. He taught his people agriculture, tending of animals, cooking, poetry, painting, sculpture and similar arts. He brought order and peace where there was only chaos.

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