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Chaitra krishna Ekam 02 march 2018 66th Sanyam Diwas of P.P.Ganini Pramukh Shree Gyanmati Mataji


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"I was ask

's Hospital for treatment of Li Cun Liang said, could not help but cry. 51-year-old Lee Cunliang Gansu Pingliang people in the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Sixth Agricultural Division 108 Mission fodder for sellers to military work. June 30 this year,ray ban pas cher, in the repair of the car he smashed transporting fodder injured, but he did not expect him to be present for the treatment of Urumqi to Lanzhou boss had him a small hotel,hogan outlet, you disappeared. Repair forage car was injured on the 12th afternoon, the reporter went to the Ministry of NongLiuShi 108 round, Li Cun Liang Xinjun workers to the military with a reporter found the rented house,louboutin pas cher, but the red door locks hanging black child, two Small brick houses already empty. Li Xinjun said that Lee Cunliang four years ago came to the 108 group, two years ago, by a friend,louboutin, to give to the military loading forage. "To the military one day to give him 100 dollars, one thousand is talk of the town for two years." June 30, transporting forage four car broke down,gucci, Lee Cunliang repair it and the workers together. Li Xinjun said: "At the time, he crawled under the car tighten the screws, the car suddenly crooked, just hit his waist, and I and another one with the workers, he pulled out from under the car, and then to give the boss Army called the boss sent him to a hospital Qitai sent money, a check, Li Cun Liang smashed lumbar fracture, five or six million needed to cure the doctor said to go to the hospital a little better, the boss told I said, let me put Lee Cunliang home to Gansu,hogan outlet, well taken care of, I do not agree. "Li Cun Liang told reporters:" I did more than two years, the boss still owes me over 40,000 dollars it. the end of May, my brother called urging me to go back home to collect wheat in Gansu, but the boss is not the money, only promised to give me 600 dollars toll, I do not want, just stayed, I never thought this thing out. "Lee Cunliang always thought that he repair The car is the boss, the boss will bother him, "after the injury, I did not think, has been lying in the hospital, waiting for surgery." abandoned Gansu small hotels Lee Cunliang Unexpectedly, the boss had intended to send him back home. LI Cun Liang said: "at 2:00 on July 1 and more, the boss came to the ward and said,hollister outlet, 'odd sets of medical standards is limited,toms shoes, I'll take you to Urumqi treat it.' Then my heart would like, the boss too good to me. After , the boss got an SUV, put my loaded onto trucks on the departure. "Li Cun Liang said that after more than four hours of bumpy, they came to the outskirts of Urumqi. "At this time, the boss did not allow the driver to enter the city, but continue driving towards the direction of Turpan, I feel wrong, it is going to ask the boss, the boss said to send me back home in Pingliang." Li Cun Liang said, "I was ask, why not give me a doctor,hollister, and he said to send me back home rule. "" I want to question him,mulberry outlet, but dared not, I'm afraid angered him, fearing that he no longer cared throw me in the desert, only fighting back . "Li Cun Liang said," Along the way,toms outlet, I still can not relax and sleep in the past. 2,000 km of road, I just like the nightmares as well. "from the odd station to Lanzhou, walked over 2000 km road, the car ran two days nights,louboutin pas cher, after some cities, the army and the driver to eat, but Lee Cunliang eat, "spine pain is, as the waist like a broken leg did not perception, feeling he was dying." July 3 14 am, arrived in Lanzhou, three people came to a hotel called the Yellow River, "the boss put me into a single room, I fell down asleep in the past. Etc. When I woke up, I call to the military telephone, has no answer. hotel attendants said they had gone. then, that I come to understand, the boss is trying to back into my home, take care of me. "Li Cun Liang said.</p>


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