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Name and Address of Teerth

Shri Digamber Jain Atishaya Teerth Kshetra Venur
Place & Post – Venur, Taluka – Belthangadi
Dist. – South Kanara (Karnataka) Pin – 574242


Seven beautiful temples are here to be viewed with the 35 feet high colossus of Gommateshwara Bahubali. Two out of them were completed simultaneously with the Gommateshwara by the Queens of King Ajila known as Akkangala Basadi and Binnani Basadi.


There is an attractive idol of Lord Chandraprabhu carved in flat rock installed in Akkangala Basadi and in Binnani Basadi a very beautiful bronze idol of Lord Shantinath Swami is worth being seen. Both the temples are situated in either sides of Gommateshwara.


Shri Shantinath Temple is also near situated in a separate enclosure with the principal deity Lord Parsvanath, a beautiful bronze idol. This temple was reconstructed by Poojya Bhattarakaji of Moodbidri. Inscription of this idol is not clear.


Fourth is three storied magnificent temple of Shantinath Swami. This temple totally constructed by stone and being biggest in size is called Kullu Temple or Big Temple. The idol of Bhagwan Shantinath is carved on a Black rock 5 feet in height. Around the nimbus of this idol Ashta Pratiharya are designed. This temple is built by Madhurkka Devi. Out of the enclosure of this temple, a magnificent artistic Manstambha (Column of Dignity) is standing with idols of 24 Teerthankars are carved in it 6 in each side. According the two inscriptions of this temple, this was completed in the year 1489 A.D. Bhagwan Mahaveer’s bronze idol is also here in the upper story.

24 Teerthankar Temple is in the right part of Shri Shantinath Temple with 24 idols of Teerthankars on rocks. In this temple in both sides beautiful idols of Goddess Padmawati & Saraswati are also installed. Artistic work on stone in this temple is agreeable. At the left of Shri Shantinath Temple, a small temple of Bhagwan Adinath exists, the idol is very attractive & magnificent.


  1. Dharmasthala 33 kms
  2. Moodbidri 20 kms
  3. Mangalore 55 kms
  4. Varanga 64 kms
  5. Karkala 37 kms