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Shri Atishaya Kshetra Parsvanath Swami Darbar Post & Place – Babanagar, Taluka – Bijapur, Dist. – Bijapur (Karnataka) Pin – 586114


About BabaNagar : Babanagar Atishaya Kshetra is famous for here’s attractive, unique & ancient idol of Lord Parsvanath made of Greenish Black Stone that is miraculous. It is said that in Adilshahi Court this idol was placed in the feet of King, this situation was insulting for idol. One night, ancestor of present priest of temple saw a dream and came to know that the Queen of Nawab at that time was suffering from labor pain and if he goes there and gives her water after remembering the name of God in his mind, the Queen will get cured from pain and then in prize he may be able to get that miraculous idol easily. That ancestor did the same as per dream and brought the idol to his house. Then he constructed the temple and installed the idol in temple with a function. It is said that power of Parasmani exists in the navel of this idol. If a needle was touched to its navel, it turned to gold.

Means of approach : Road – From Bijapur {Karnataka) Busses & Taxies are available for Babanagar. Train – Railway Station Bijapur Airport – Belgaon, Kolhapur