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A distinguished scientist, Dr. S. C. Jain son of Shri R. C. Jain, was born at Saharanpur (U.P.) on December 5, 1926. He is Director of Research and Training, Union Ministry of Defence.

He did M. Sc. (Physics-with specialisation in Electronics) in 1949 and Ph. D. (Solid State Physics) in 1955. His engagements were as under :

1949-55—Research in Solid State Physics at National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi ; 1955-58—Faculty Member, Physics Depart- merit, University of Leeds, U.K.; 1965-68— Head, Physics Department and 1966-69-Dean Faculty of Science at Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi ; 1965-69—simultaneously Deputy Director, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi ; April 1969-June 1974-Director, Solid State Physics Laboratory, Ministry of Defence.

Dr. Jain, who has specialisation in Defects in Crystals, Physics of Thin Films, Ultrapurification of Semi-conductors and other Solid Materials, Development of Junction Devices and High Temperature Properties of Solids has published 130 original research papers. Some of his work has been quoted extensively in text books and treatises on Physics- The 'Jain and Krishnan' method for measuring the high temperature transport properties of solids has been used internationally for measuring thermal conductivities of solids.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and Physical Society London; Faraday Society, London and American Physical Society, U.S.A.; Member of Solid State Commission of International Union of Pure and Applied Physics; has lectured in U.S.A., U.S.S.R., Japan and various other European countries ; several times presided over sessions of International Conferences abroad and is on the Honorary Advisory Board of Editors of several international journals.

He was Director of International Advanced School on Theory and Technology of Semiconductors organised in April, 1968 and Chairman, International Conference on Science and Technology of Non-metallic Crystals organised in January 1969 at I.I.T., New Delhi. Dr. Jain has been awarded the Bhatnagar Memorial Prize for Physical Sciences for the year 1966. Residence : T-10 Chhatra Marg, Delhi-7, Phone: 229709