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It is common knowledge that quitting cigarettes is one of the hardest things in the world to achieve. While all of us know about the ill effects of smoking there are very few of us who can actually manage to kick the habit. Some of us are forced to due to health reasons and some of us have the willpower but most of us go through a stop-start process throughout our life. For those that are looking to quit smoking a wonderful option is available in the form of an electronic cigarette.

So basically when you smoke you are just practicing deep breathing exercises. The deep breaths provide your body and organs with more oxygen, which helps you to relax and release stress to a degree. I say to a degree because that extra oxygen is not enough to compensate for the strain that the chemicals in a cigarette put on your body.

First of all, they are CHEAPER!!! From my own experience, I have saved so much money using e-cigarettes. I would spend at least $10 every week on regular cigarettes. You get the amount of 75 cigarettes for as much as it costs for one pack of traditional cigarettes. Plus I don't have to keep going to a gas station all the time to buy more.

Remember, smoking is part of your daily routine. Trying to change too much at once while quitting smoking would be overwhelming and prevent half of smokers from succeeding. Quitiing smoking is a process and it does not have to be a difficult one. Slowly changing your habits will help you reach the goal of quitting smoking for good.

Cigar smoking can also lead to oral cancers and the most common of them is tongue cancer, which not only affects the mouth but the throat area as well. It causes pain in the ear and pain when you try to swallow things. Patients of bladder cancer face pain when they urinate and they also have in the joints of their bodies.

Yes. Nicotine is used as an insecticide and in pure form is a deadly poison. It is especially dangerous for kids and pets. Of course if you already smoke cigarettes you already have this poison in your body which is why DIY E Juice are only recommended for smokers. Nicotine is not a known carcinogen but it can aid the growth of cancer cells.

The more I researched each plan, the more I understood what I needed to do to quit smoking. I needed more than one type of quitting smoking method and a plan that would satisfy every situation while quitting smoking.

Tobacco increases stress and then relieves it (artificially by playing with your blood sugar levels) when you smoke. So smoking is basically like hitting yourself over the head with a hammer because it feels really good when you stop!

Smokers have been told, and believe that cigarettes not only help to lower stress levels but they also help to keep you on your toes - two completely different effects. Relaxation is a suppressing feeling while concentration is an uplifting feeling.

The vapor that is produced from e-cigarettes are odorless. Most of my friends and family hate that I smoke, but now are much more grateful because they are healthier and don't have that nasty smell that all non-smokers hate. Plus, my clothes and my breath don't always reek of smoke anymore.