Om Hreem Shri Rishabhdevaaya Namah

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Hindu Scriptures

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O Arhan ! You are equipped with the arrow of vastuswarupa, the law of teaching and the ornaments of the four infinite qualities. O Arhan ! you have attained the omniscient knowledge in which the entire universe is reflected. O Arhan ! You are protecting all the Jivas in the world. O the destroyer of Kama (lust) ! There is no strong person equal to you.

—Yajur Veda, Cha. 19 Mantra 14

I have no desire for material things. Like Jina want to establish peace within myself.

—Yoga Vasishta. Ch. 15 sloka 8

The Omniscient and Benevolent Sive, Lord Rishabha ascended the magnificient Kailash Mountain.

—Siva Puranam

Akaramuthal eluthellam Adibhagavan (Lord Rishabha) Mutharke Ulaku.

—Tirukural, (The Tamil Veda of South India)

Ithyam Prabhava Rishabhovatara sankarasyame Sadamgithdina Bandhu Navamaha Kathithasthavanaha.

—Siva Puranam

(Thus my ninth incarnation will be Rishabha. As a result of Rishabha incarnation, the dharma will be revived the helpless will be protected) Rigveda V. 58-3. This hymn declares that Mahadeva is none other than Rishabhadeva. Thruda Bandho Rishabhororavidhi Mahadeva Martyanavives. Marudevi gave birth to a divine baby, named Rishabh who was the highest as well as the most notable person among the Kshatriyas.

—Brahmanda Puranam

Lord Neminath sanctified Revatagiri (Girnar Mountain) and Adinath (Lord Rishabha) sanctified Satrumjayagiri by their holy visits. Hence these two sacred hills became inspiring centres for the attainment of salvation to the great sages and saints.

—Prabhas Puranam

By paying homage to the sacred Satrunajaya and Revatagiri and taking bath in Gajapathakunda, an aspirant becomes liberated from the chain of transmigration. Therefore all people meditate upon the pure, perfect and the supreme, as well as the celebrated Lord Rishabha by focussing their minds on Him with great veneration.


Whatever divine benefits could be acquired by undertaking a pilgrimage to all the sixty eight. Thirthas the same benefits could be acquired by a momentary meditation of Adianth (Lord Rishabha).


Appadadi Meyavaman Rodasi Imache Visve Bhuvanani Manmana Yothene Nistha Vrishabha Virajas.


Rishabha born of Marudevi and Bharata from Rishabhadeva after whom this country is called Bharatavarsha and from Bharata Sumati existed.


Venerated by the host of celestial beings and scion of the great spiritual heroes, the universal laws of ethics and morals in the beginning of the world's first era, the foremost and the first Jina (Lord Rishabha) existed.


Maruvan Indra Rishabha Ranayapi Vaso manushya Jadbam manushya Jadbam Madaya Aseetehsava Jatarae Madhve Cormidhva Rajasi Pratipat Sutana.


Om Namo Arhato Rishabho Om Rishabha Pavitram Puruhute Madhavasam Yagneshu Nagnase Paraman Mahe Samsthytam varam Satrum jayamtam Pashrindre Mauriti Swaha.


Rishabha Eve Bhagvan Brahme Bhagavata Brahamanes wamevachiranani Brahmani Taposacha Prapthaha Param Padam.


Rishabhan masamananam sapatnanam Vishasihahimhinatanam Satrunam dadhi Virajagopitam Gavam.

—Rigveda 101-21-25

Another Vedic dedication to Rishabha is Arham idam dayase visvamayama. To establish the Dharma (righteousness) Iswara was born as Rishabha, the pure World Teacher. During the reign of Lord Rishabha, the people enjoyed all the blessings of life.

—Srimad Bhagavad Purana

The Jainas came to Southern India spreading downwards through the whole of the southern part of the peninsula we find them giving kings to Madura, to Trichniopoly and to many other cities in Southern India. We find not only that they thus give rulers but we find they are the founders of Tamil literature. The Tamil grammar, said to be the most scientific grammar Nannul, by Pavanandi, is Jaina, as is Naladiyar. The famous poet Tiruvalluvar's Kural, known to every Southerner, is said to be a Jaina work for this reason, that the terms he uses are Jaina terms of the Jaina religion, and so he is regarded as belonging to the Jaina faith. The same is true of the Canarese literature and it is said that from the first century of the Christian era to the twelfth, the whole literature of Canara is dominated by the Jainas. So great then were they in those days.

—Dr. Annie Besant