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Diploma in Jainology

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2nd Pratishthapana Mahotsav 13 Feb 2018

Encyclopedia Inspirator-Ganini Pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mataji
Chief Editor-Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji


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Summer School

From 6 May 2018, on Paras Channel at 6 am onwards we will be initiating a summer school program for children's from all age of groups. In this program will give a start with Basic knowledge of Jainism and the same shall be presented by Pujya Aryika Shri Chandanamati Mataji. Do motivate and inspire your kids to watch and gain max out of it. At the end of the course the kids will be appreciated by issuing a Certificate on gaining basic fundamentals of Jainism.
In order to enroll for the same please don't forget to send your Name, Address and Contact no., on Whatsapp No:7755965418

Jain Architecture
Teenlok rachna hastinapur.png

The contribution of Jain art to the mainstream art in India has been considerable. Every phase of Indian art is represented by a Jain version and each one of them is worthy of meticulous study and understanding. The great Jain temples and sculptured monuments of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Rajasthan are world-renowned. The most spectacular of all Jain temples are found at Ranakpur and Mount Abu in Rajasthan. Deogarh (Lalitpur, U.P.), Ellora, Badami and Aihole also have some of the important specimens of Jain Art.
The art and architecture of the Jains have the main objective to maintain, preserve and glorify the culture extensively. They also glorify the devotees too internally with psychological bliss. Jains realized that true art represents the spirit of true religion. Besides its religious value, it has been taken as a treasure of the country. That is why many Jain art centers have become tourist attractions now.

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Shortest Meditation of OHM Mantra

Meditation of OHM Mantra


For sometime you sit in lotus posture and concentrate on a Mantra. I will tell you today, how to do meditation. Please give attention and keep your one palm on another palm.

The right palm should be upside. Now close your eyes and keep your body fully straight.
Firstly you imagine a white big background in front of you. On this background you see the Mantra Om. This Mantra has been originated from the Namokar Mantra. Om is the smallest form of the Namokar mantra. This is the original mantra and you can not convert it into English or in other language. Now you concentrate on saffron coloured Om written on the white background.
Although the external eyes are closed, yet the internal journey is going on. You have not to take sleep and have to stop your mind from going outside.

You concentrate your mind only on Om mantra. Don’t think anything else and try again try to see the Om.

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As per Jainism, Milk is considered as Vegetarian only not as Non-Vegetarian.

Milk is veg as its does not contain the cells which u find in non-veg. Milk is not meat. Extracting milk, does not pain or trouble cows /buffaloes. It's a satvik diet having beneficial effect on mind and body. So there is no harm in consuming milk. Of course using injections on animals to increase milk, denying milk to calves is a sin.

Those who get into this debate of milk being vegetarian or not should first understand that the reason of banning certain foods for civilized humans is 2 folds:

  1. It harms your own mind/body
  2. It troubles/kills/ pains other living beings.

Anything that satisfies either of above 2 criteria, is Abhakshya food (Non-Eatable). Everything else is Bhakshya (Eatable).



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Basic Knowledge of Jainism- Reward for Devotion to the Spiritual Saints

After the holy death (Samadhi) of Shrutkevli Shri Bhadra Bahu, his disciple Maurya Emperor Chandragupt, as a Jain saint lived and worshipped the consecrated feet of his Spiritual Teacher for twelve years in the jungle, with the result that the deities established a city there and served food to the saint. When the group of saints came back, one of the Munis forgot his Kamandal there, after taking the food. In the afternoon he returned to fetch it. He saw that the Kamandal was hanging on a branch of a tree. On seeing this he realized that the deities were pleased with the devotion of Muni Chandragupt towards his precept and so they had served them food. Jain Munis do not accept meals from the hands of deities, therefore, Muni Chandragupt repented and observed punishment vows.
Dear Children! it is not strange that even the divine gods worship those who worship their Spiritual Teachers because it is the cause of even salvation. Important Facts about the lesson Religious Brothers, Sisters and Lovely kids!
The name of the eleventh lesson is-"Reward for Devotion to the Spiritual Saints", where the devotion of a disciple and the fruition of Guru Bhakti have been elucidated. Poojya Gyanmati Mataji has told here a real story of Jain Scriptures. This story is two thousand years ancient. Samrat Chandragupt Maurya was a powerful king of Ujjain. Once upon a time he was initiated by Shrut Kevali Bhadrabahu, after sometime of this initiation, a very bad time came in North India in the condition of Akaal, when the rainy season had not come and earth was completely dried. Then Acharya Bhadrabahu along with his Muni Sangh decided to go the South India. After going there Muni Shri Chandragupta served his Preceptor Shri Bhadrabahu Maharaj with lot of devotion. After the holy death (Samadhi) of Bhadrabahu Maharaj, Chandragupta Muniraj consecrated his feet and continued his devotion for his Guru. Seeing his devotion the deities arranged for his Aahar (meals) by creating a divine city around. Chandragupta could not know about it. As you know, when other Muni Sangh came there and told him the reality then Chandragupta Muniraj after knowing the real fact, took the Prayashchitta (the punishment vows) because he had taken the Aahar by deities unknowingly. As a matter of fact, Digambar Munis can not accept the Aahar from deities because deities can not take Sanyam or restraint. This story tells us that by the true devotion to the Preceptor or Guru, even deities of heaven are ready to help you. So one should have the true reverence to own Guru or Preceptor.

Namokar Gym

Activities in Namokar Gym


  1. Asanas & Mudras (postures) increases physical tone & awareness.
  2. Mantras increases awareness and expanding emotional health. It increases spiritual power and create protective & positive aura around.
  3. Breathing Techniques results into controlled breathing
  4. Meditation results into controlled concentration
  5. Deep Relaxation helps in relaxation in body along with increased awareness, tolerance and internal resistance towards disease
  6. Affermations rewire our mind that results into self improvement and formation of new clusters of positive thoughts.
  7. Mind power Games results into improved confidence & making power.
  8. Fun with Fitness Techniques helps to bridge the gap between peer groups while maintaining health.
Lord Mahavira -The Greatest Ecologist


Lord Mahavira was the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism. His entire life was an example of how to live in perfect harmony with the environment.

The Teachings of Lord Mahavlra provide very effective solutions to the numerous environmental problems facing the mankind today. They continue to be as relevant today as they were 2600 years ago.

The Modem scientific concepts like bio-regionalism and deep ecology have been shown as the very significant parts of Mahavlra’s teachings in the context of its theory of reality (Earth and water as living things) and ethics (Ahimsa -careful & friendly with nature).

The Teachings of Lord Mahavira silently and indirectly guide the whole humanity to lead a balanced & sustainable life by taking care of Ecology and Environment in particular.

Jiva Daya (Compassion)

The follower of Lord Mahavira practices the concept of Jiva-daya by showing kindness & merry to all living creatures at every step in daily life.

Jiva daya stands for universal friendliness \ maitri), universal forgiveness (ksama) and universal fearlessness (abhaya).
It aims at the welfare of all living beings.
No harm to any living being is implied.
By observance of each of the vows, a Mahavira laity (Sravaka) discharges his moral, Environmental & social obligations.

Religion & Science

Religion & Science-3.jpg



Aryika Shri Chandnmati Mataji

S - School
E - Encyclopedia
M - Mother
IN- Information
A - Austerity
R - Religious
I want to describe seven words of SEMINAR
First word of Seminar is-"S"
All of you and all of us have come to get right knowledge of very ancient Granthas from oldest Ganinee Shri Gyanmati Mataji in her Modern School. So "S" word is meaningful today.
Second word of Seminar is-"E"
The biggest modern Ocean of the knowledge of Jain Dharma. I think that Pujya Gyanmati Mataji is the moving encyclopedia of Jainism in present Era. By her holy inspiration, we have created the Jain Encyclopedia on internet named You can see it every time and you can upload your any religious or social matter.
I'm telling you the meaning of E-encyclopedia. I think that all of you have come here for taking bath in Gyan Ocean of Gyanmati Mataji. Thus "E" word of SEMINAR is also meaningful.
Now I will say about third word of Seminar-"M"
Mother is a very beautiful word. Here is seated the universal mother Gyanmati Mataji.
I say about her.
Simple simple Gyanmati Maa.
But She is Universal Maa.......

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