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Encyclopedia Inspirator-Ganini Pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mataji
Chief Editor-Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji


Vihar for Maharashtra Jain Tirth Darshan

Pictures of Acharya Veersagar Ji

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presented by - Aryika Chandnamati

Adilla Chhand...

Ten Dharmas are Supreme in the Universe.
Ten Dharmas are peaceful in the Universe.
Their names are the Uttam Kshama etc.
So, I worship these Dharmas with eight dravyas.
Om hreem Uttam Kshamaadi dash dharma! Atra avatar avatar samvaushat.
Om hreem Uttam Kshamaadi dash dharma! Atra tishtha tishtha tha tha.
Om hreem Uttam Kshamaadi dash dharma! Atra mam sannihito bhava bhava vashat sannidhi-karanam.


Tune: Kya Khoob Dikhi Ho...
We can get peace in the world,
By worship to the God.
We can get the happiness,
By prayer to the God.
Right path of salvation is the worship to the God.
We can get...
Pure water of the river... the river.
We have brought in the golden pot, O Jinvar!
We worship the ten dharmas... ten dharmas.
The Soul will be pure as soon as, O Jinvar!
We can get the happiness,
By prayer to the God.
Right path of salvation is the worship to the God.
We can get peace in the world,
By worship to the God. [1]
Om hreem Uttam Kshamaadi dash dharmebhyah Jalam nirvapameeti swaha.

Jain Worship

Tirthankar Mahaveer and Dhramtirth
Indra formed Ayodhya Nagari owing to the Punya of King Nabhiraj and his queen Marudevi. Kalpavrikshas (Trees, which provide any wished article) were almost on the verge of extinction at that time, so Nabhiraj directed the public to eat better fruits and also told to drink the Ikshuras (Sugarcane Juice) by crushing the sugarcane. That’s why they were called as “IKSHVAUKUVANSHI”. Queen Marudevi gave birth to Thirthankar Vrishabhdeva. Then Devtas and Indras combinedly celebrated the Janmabhishek festival (ceremony of anointment of the new born infant) by taking the JIN-CHILD to Sumeru Mountain.

When Rishabhdeva became young, he was married with Yashasvati and Sundanda. Yashasvati gave birth to Bharat Chakravarti & 99 sons and to Brahmi daughter. Read more....

Acharya Shree Veersagar Kavyakathanak

आचार्य श्री वीरसागर काव्य कथानक भाग-१

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Pujya Shri ChandanaMati Mataji

Unique Disciple of A Unique Guru

Presented by - Aryika Swarnmati
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Lots of Affection, Deeply Rooted spirit of Gurubhakti, Encouraging Mutual Understanding & love between others, Inspiring towards the eternal path of Salvation by adopting Restraint and many others are the characteristic attributes of the noble personality of Pujya Pragyashramni Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji, the life-sketch of whom is being presented here :

The world is full of innumerable creatures but only some fortunate-beings become so sensible as to make sincere efforts for eliminating their worldly transmigration and to proceed towards Eternal Bliss or Salvation. Only such auspicious souls make their lives successful and also become the cause of illuminating the lives of others. Read more....

Acharya Shantisagar Ji Maharaj

Calamity by Ants

Calamity: Pious Saints consider it as a pious step of “Karma Nirjara” i.e. shedding of karmic matter with a feeling of pleasure in struggle and equanimity in unfavorable situations.

Calamity: is darkness prior to dawn after which sun rays invite fresh light of life.

Calamity:is a criterion to assess the extent to which our senses and mind are in our control.

Calamity: is a firm resolution of keeping patience in un­expected crisis to elevate ones life.

Digambar ascetics engaged in carrying out great vows and Achharyas take calamity as testing time of their religious consid­erations and become “patient” (forbearing) by enduring it with their capacity, equanimity and quality of remaining calm and un­perturbed.

Calamity: is a perpetual spring of endurance.

One day Achharya Shanti Sagar Ji Maharaj sat in a state of meditation in a lonely place of a temple situated in a jungle to carryout “Nidra Vijaya Tapa”, a penance to conquer sleep. It was evening time when a priest of the temple came to kindle a lamp. While pouring oil in the lamp some of the oil spilled over and spread all around the place. After doing his work the priest left the place leaving the spilled oil on the floor. After some time, smelling the oil, lines of ants began to come and with in a very short time a flock of innumerable ants gathered there. By and by these ants began to creep on the body of this great saint. Creeping on the lower portion of his body, buttocks etc., they began to bite him. As a result, after some time blood began to exude from the lower portion of his body. How unbearable is the stinging pain of the ants-bite, no one can say except the one who happened to fall victim of it himself? Only bearer knows where the shoe pinches. The ants kept on biting his tender private parts through out the night. But Achharya Shri showed a great courage in calmly en­during the unthinkable strait crisis, firmly sticking to his sacred vow of Jain monks, unmoved, unshaken, totally engrossed in meditation and with equanimity.

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Today's Thought

Anger spoil good relations, pride destroys modesty, deceit destroys amity(friendship) and greed destroys everything

Jainism and Modern Science

Contribution of Jaina Acaryas to Science

Presented By -N. L. Jain.

There are two branches of Science : (a) Physical and abstract and (b) Metaphysical. The first is related with physical world and its observable phenomena, and the second is related with inner or spiritual world and its experiential or self-realisational phenomena. However, the general people take `Scirnce' in terms of physical phenomena only. Nevertheless, the Jaina Acharyas from fourth-fifth BCE, have dealt with both kinds of science.

There are many branches of physical seience like chemistry, physics, biology (botany and zoology), food science, mathematics, cosmology and geography, astronomy and astrology, inonography, civil engineering and the like. Both the Svetambara and Digambara texts deal with these topics-first in stray manner in pre-exposition and, then, in specialized manner in post-exposition era starting from first century C. E. There has been some gap of about 8 - 9 centuries for books on scientific topics except medicine. However, recently some scholars have started many comparative and original studies in various fields in current times.

When one looks cursorily in the vast Jaina literature, it is observed that it has approximately one-third of the contents on physical science. In fact, the acharyas could not move the householders on spiritual path without dealing with the visible physical phenomena. N. L. Jain has shown that, on consolidation, the 72 traditional arts of men and 64 arts of women involve nearly 35 - 38 % current departments and 140-191 subjects. Of course, many of them have now gone historical.

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