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Special Pravachan - Jain Geography

Encyclopedia Inspirator-Ganini Pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mataji
Chief Editor-Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji


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Vihar for Maharashtra Jain Tirth Darshan

Birth of Lord Pushpdantnath
Pushp bhi 112.jpg

Birthplace Kakandi (U.P.)
Father King Sugreev
Mother Queen Jayarama
Caste (Varna) Kshatriya
Dynasty Ikshvaku
Body Colour White
Symbol Crocodile
Age 2 Lacs Purva Years
Body Occupancy 4 Hundred Hands
Incarnation (in womb) Falgun Krishna 9
Birth Magsir Shukla 1

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As per Jainism, Milk is considered as Vegetarian only not as Non-Vegetarian.

Milk is veg as its does not contain the cells which u find in non-veg. Milk is not meat. Extracting milk, does not pain or trouble cows /buffaloes. It's a satvik diet having beneficial effect on mind and body. So there is no harm in consuming milk. Of course using injections on animals to increase milk, denying milk to calves is a sin.

Those who get into this debate of milk being vegetarian or not should first understand that the reason of banning certain foods for civilized humans is 2 folds:

  1. It harms your own mind/body
  2. It troubles/kills/ pains other living beings.

Anything that satisfies either of above 2 criteria, is Abhakshya food (Non-Eatable). Everything else is Bhakshya (Eatable).

Shortest Meditation of OHM Mantra
Meditation of OHM Mantra


For sometime you sit in lotus posture and concentrate on a Mantra. I will tell you today, how to do meditation. Please give attention and keep your one palm on another palm.

The right palm should be upside. Now close your eyes and keep your body fully straight.
Firstly you imagine a white big background in front of you. On this background you see the Mantra Om. This Mantra has been originated from the Namokar Mantra. Om is the smallest form of the Namokar mantra. This is the original mantra and you can not convert it into English or in other language. Now you concentrate on saffron coloured Om written on the white background.
Although the external eyes are closed, yet the internal journey is going on. You have not to take sleep and have to stop your mind from going outside.

You concentrate your mind only on Om mantra. Don’t think anything else and try again try to see the Om.

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First Tirthankar

Rishabhdev also known as Adinatha, is the First Tirthankar of this time cycle. According to Jainism Tirthankar is a great human being who attains liberation by destroying all his karmas and becomes a role model for every living being. A Tirthankar not only attains salvation himself but also helps all those who are sincerely trying to seek nirvana by preaching and guiding them. Jain's trace their history through a succession of twenty-four Tirthankaras. All these propagators have legendary accounts of their life described in various scriptures(granthas).

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Ganini Pramukh Aryika Shri Gyanmati Mataji

A pronounced Jain Sadhvi, the first in the recent century, Pujya Ganini Gyanmati Mataji has two doctorates in literature. An distinguished interpreter of The Shatkhandagam(the great holy book of jainism) Mataji is a dignified sadhvi of the contemporary world. She was born on 22nd October, 1934 on Sharad Purnima in Tikaitnagar(Dist. Baranbaki, U.P) to Chotelal and Mohini. Mataji left home at the early age of 18 and took the oath of lifelong celibacy. After 4 years, in 1956, Mataji took her Aarika diksha from Aacharya Veersagarji Maharaj during the Samadhi Of Charitra Chakravarti ShantiSagarji Maharaj at Madhorajpura(Dist. Jaipur, Raj.)

Kundakundānvayō jiyāt, jiyāt śrī śantisagara:|

Jiyāt paṭṭādhipastasya, sūri: Śrī virasagara:||
Sri brahmī ganinī jiyāt, jiyādantimacandanā|

Jiyāt gyanmatī mātā, ganinyāṁ pramukhā kalau||

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Religion & Science
Religion & Science-2.jpg



Aryika Shri Chandnmati Mataji

S - School
E - Encyclopedia
M - Mother
IN- Information
A - Austerity
R - Religious
I want to describe seven words of SEMINAR
First word of Seminar is-"S"
All of you and all of us have come to get right knowledge of very ancient Granthas from oldest Ganinee Shri Gyanmati Mataji in her Modern School. So "S" word is meaningful today.
Second word of Seminar is-"E"
The biggest modern Ocean of the knowledge of Jain Dharma. I think that Pujya Gyanmati Mataji is the moving encyclopedia of Jainism in present Era. By her holy inspiration, we have created the Jain Encyclopedia on internet named You can see it every time and you can upload your any religious or social matter.
I'm telling you the meaning of E-encyclopedia. I think that all of you have come here for taking bath in Gyan Ocean of Gyanmati Mataji. Thus "E" word of SEMINAR is also meaningful.
Now I will say about third word of Seminar-"M"
Mother is a very beautiful word. Here is seated the universal mother Gyanmati Mataji.
I say about her.
Simple simple Gyanmati Maa.
But She is Universal Maa.......

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