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World Peace Conference

Encyclopedia Inspirator-Ganini Pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mataji
Chief Editor-Aryika Shri Chandnamati Mataji


Flashing news of World Peace Conference from the grounds of Rishabhgiri Mangitungi.

Clear Case

Thought of the day


Commencement of Diwali Festival


According to Jain studies, Saudharma Indra came to celebrate the Moksha Kalyanak of Lord Mahavir along with innumerable deities at the grounds of Pavapur. After worshipping the remaining divine body of Lord, its holy cremation was performed by the flames coming out from the crown of Agnikumar Dev. Indra performed Nirvankalyanak Pooja & inscribed the foot-prints of Bhagwan at the same place from where he got Nirvan i.e. present Jal-Mandir of Pawapuri (Nalanda).
In the evening Gautam Gandhar obtained Kevalgyan and innumerable Deepaks were illuminated by Devtas to mark the occasion. The festival of Deepawali started from then. Even today Nirvan Ladoo is offered at Jal Mandir, Pawapuri by thousands of devotees at the dawn of Kartik Krishna Amavasya along with the temples throughout the country & abroad and worships of Gautam Gandhar, Kevalgyan Mahalaxhmi & Saraswati are performed along with the illumination of numerous Deepaks in the evening.

Activities in Namokar Gym


  1. Asanas & Mudras (postures) increases physical tone & awareness.
  2. Mantras increases awareness and expanding emotional health. It increases spiritual power and create protective & positive aura around.
  3. Breathing Techniques results into controlled breathing
  4. Meditation results into controlled concentration
  5. Deep Relaxation helps in relaxation in body along with increased awareness, tolerance and internal resistance towards disease
  6. Affermations rewire our mind that results into self improvement and formation of new clusters of positive thoughts.
  7. Mind power Games results into improved confidence & making power.
  8. Fun with Fitness Techniques helps to bridge the gap between peer groups while maintaining health.
An extreme practice

Hair Plucking Ceremony

The Jain Sadhus and Sadhvis after receiving the Diksha (initiation), pluck their hair after every four months in a year. They pluck their hair or they get the hair plucked by others. The hair on face and scalp are plucked. This is called Kesh-lochan or Loch. It is also considered as one kind of austerity where one bears the pain of plucking hair calmly.
This is done mostly in front of the lay-community. First they rub ashes on their head, then they pluck out the hair in bunches. Jains believe that plucking hair teaches them to endure pain. It can be done in private room, but it is done in public with the idea of motivating the people to take the path of renunciation.
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Basic Knowledge Of Jainism

Panchamrit Abhishek & Shantidhara


Water Abhishek
I want to do the Abhishek, Jinendra Prabhuvar !.
Taking the pure water of Ganga river.
I want to purify my worldly soul,
I want to cool this tired worldly soul.
Om hreem shreem kleem aim arham Jalaabhishekam karomeeti Swaha.
Coconut Abhishek
I want to do the Abhishek, Jinendra Prabhuvar!.
By pure green Coconut sweet water.
I also want to make my voice sweet.
I want to bow to you Lord Jinendra Bhagwan!
Om hreem shreem kleem aim arham Naaliker Rasaabhishekam karomeeti Swaha.

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I will go to Pavapur


I will go to Pavapur, there is Temple Jalmandir,
After offering Ladu I will celebrate Diwali,
Be Happy Diwali, Be Happy Diwali........
Tirthankar Mahavir attained, Liberation from there,
Saudharm Indra and Devas, came there from heaven
Men Women were praying, all beings were praying.
Give me Knowledge Vira, Give me Knowledge Vira......
I will go to Pavapur...(1)
The largest lamp series, burnt Saudharma Indra then,
That day Kartik Mavas is, called Diwali from then......
So Jaina tradition, this Diwali function,
Celebrate Diwali in memory Mahavira....
I will go to Pavapur.........(2)
Nation is bowing his head, to Tirthankar Vira,
And remembering his preaching, Non-Violence of Vira...
Be happiness in world, be peaceful Universe,
"Chandnamati" all of world accepts Lord Vira....
I will go to Pavapur......(3)
I will go to pavapur, there is temple Jalmandir,
After offering Ladu I will celebrate Diwali
Be Happy Diwali, Be Happy Diwali.......

Glimpse of World Peace Conference

Inaugural Ceremony

Ahimsa sammelan 2018 (9).jpg
Ahimsa sammelan 2018 (16).jpg
Right path of salvation is the worship to the God !!



Aryika Shri Chandnmati Mataji

S - School
E - Encyclopedia
M - Mother
IN- Information
A - Austerity
R - Religious
I want to describe seven words of SEMINAR
First word of Seminar is-"S"
All of you and all of us have come to get right knowledge of very ancient Granthas from oldest Ganinee Shri Gyanmati Mataji in her Modern School. So "S" word is meaningful today.
Second word of Seminar is-"E"
The biggest modern Ocean of the knowledge of Jain Dharma. I think that Pujya Gyanmati Mataji is the moving encyclopedia of Jainism in present Era. By her holy inspiration, we have created the Jain Encyclopedia on internet named You can see it every time and you can upload your any religious or social matter.
I'm telling you the meaning of E-encyclopedia. I think that all of you have come here for taking bath in Gyan Ocean of Gyanmati Mataji. Thus "E" word of SEMINAR is also meaningful.
Now I will say about third word of Seminar-"M"
Mother is a very beautiful word. Here is seated the universal mother Gyanmati Mataji.
I say about her.
Simple simple Gyanmati Maa.
But She is Universal Maa.......

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